Protesting For the Common Good

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  1. Redistributionism always looks better when you don’t own anything yourself.

    What a Shock! Far Left #OWS Goons Say Stealing Is Biggest Problem
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 5:38 AM

    Gee… Who could have seen this coming?

    The locals already complained that they want everything for free. And they are democrats, after all. So it really is no surprise that theft is the biggest problem at Occupy Wall Street.

    The New York Post reported, Via JWF:
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    No shit. Welcome to Primate Behavior 101.
  3. While I am sympathetic to their general position, the protesters need to clean up their act, figuratively and literally. They need to start with a simple, direct message/question. Something like, where are the indictments? Something that would force the Obama administration to address the issue. The media will not press him on this, and you can bet your last buck a republican president would have had his feet held to the fire from day one. The protests would have happened immediately under a republican administration, and rightfully so. Where are the indictments?
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    Why are they upset? I thought they wanted to redistribute the wealth.