Protectionism and the Oil Spill

Discussion in 'Economics' started by MKTrader, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Another glaring sign of the dumbing of America! The PEOPLE (Yes, the people!!!!!), want all the skimmer ships they can get as crude spews at a mind bending rate, and the "people in charge" send letters between each other. WOW!!!!!!! My Son sends a text to a Friend, and his Friend can act in seconds. These idiots are sending letters...
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    hate to cede control...although I'm not even sure what control there is (aside from losing on any spillage collected)
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  4. Amazing. Chernobyl-like incompetence going on here...
  5. I live in Belgium and we have apparantly one of the worlds leading experts in dredging and marine related industry and specialises in ofshore oil and gas industry.

    They have interviewed the CEO recently here and he said:

    I can't believe we haven't been called in earlier, US equiptment is outdated and we could have been of significant help.

    Nevertheless, negotiations have been ongoing between them and the White house this week with an outcome soon expected so I guess they have come around as well.