Protection From Gun Violence

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  1. you get caught with a firearm in Mexico and you are going to jail, no questions asked

    Perhaps it's time for the United States to protect it's citizens from gun violence by a law here similar to what they have in Mexico.
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    or like in DC, I'm assuming that you are being sarcastic
  3. yes, just once, when they get on TV and talk about new gun laws, I just wish somebody would ask, "You mean like they have in Mexico?"
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    Crime in FL is down sharply since they reformed their gun laws a few years back.

    I have a friend that works in Dallas. She says that teachers are allowed and encouraged to bring guns to school - kept in a safe manner in the classroom of course - If the guy had started shooting in that school, it would have ended much sooner.

    There are more than 300M guns already on the streets, so you aren't going to "round them up". DC made gun ownership illegal in the early 70's and then led the country in homicides for many years.

    Unfortunately, there will be more incidents like this because we have more depraved individuals out there. Maybe we should stop giving every kid a trophy and then dumping them in the real world when they grow up.
  5. I've heard some crazy ides on TV

    the two that to seem to defy logic are

    "There is no legitimate reason for anyone to own an assualt rifle which has no other purpose than to kill people"


    "They think the second ammendment gives them the right to own firearms to protect them from the government."
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    And oldtime, you need to flush out your headgear! Something like this is sadly what Obama has waiting for so he can enact his final sheep control before taking them to complete and total serfdom.

    The ONLY thing standing in the way of a government becoming tyrannical are well armed citizens who are WILLING to USE their weapons to remove that government and restore it with common sense people who will actually follow the constitution.

    I'll give my prediction right here in this post: this sick murder of God's little children will kick off gun control in America that rivals what slick willy pulled in 1994. There won't be a gun roundup (yet), but ammo, magazines, and numerous guns will become extinct.:mad: That will result in an even angrier pro gun society, and put us even closer to civil war which scares me to death, but I realize is inevitable. Yes, many of us will see a civil war happen in America as history repeats itself.:(

    Last, I ordered numerous magazines yesterday, cases of ammo, etc., and was told my order(s) couldn't be completely filled as they were selling out as I was on the phone! This morning, one of the major suppliers I go through was completely out of Glock magazines holding over 10 rounds, and had no more cases of 5.56 ammo. On top of that, a major gun wholesaler I watch for price fluctuations didn't have price change; they sold every single ak they had, and every ar carbine yesterday!! When they get more I can imagine a major league gap up.

    Sad we have a communist Muslim president who was simply waiting for a sick tragedy like this to enact more people control, which leads to more control. Then ultimately total serfdom.:( :mad:
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    Dumbass!!! That's exactly what the second amendment was put in place for; for a well regulated militia to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Are you for real? Did you not know that hitler disarmed his people before taking complete and total control?:confused: :(

    I thought you old guys had good history teachers back when.:confused:
  8. sorry to hear you are a bigot when it comes to the Islamic faith. Kind of makes anything else you say not worth reading. I stopped trying to cure racism in 1970. Figured there was no cure for stupidy. The only hope is that they die off and don't reproduce. And the same thing now goes for religious bigots here in 2012.
  9. yes, we also had good reading teachers, that taught us reading comprehension, which apparently you were deprived of. But that was back before they invented the Department of Education, so maybe it's not your fault. At anyrate, you are replying to some post you invented in your out of control head, not the post I posted.
  10. Last year there were about 10,000 gun murders in the US. About 60% of those involved criminal-on-criminal death (i.e., were gang or drug related), or were law enforcement shootings. Of the remaining 4,000 non-suicide gun deaths, about half the victims were shot by strangers. That means that approximately 2,000 law-abiding people were shot and killed by strangers.

    About 10,000 people are killed by drunk drivers each year. In other words, if you're not involved in criminal activity, and you don't belong to a gang and you're not involved with illegal drugs, then you're 5 times as likely to be killed by a drunk driver as you are to be killed by a stranger with a gun.
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