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  1. Need some help here in locating a post pertaining to the misuse of personal information.

    The post first arose (or a link was posted to it) as a result of the recent inquiries regarding a similar topic. The post went into detail on how to avoid criminals from using your personal information and how to make it more difficult for unwanted people to locate you. For example, I recall reading that the registration for the cars are assigned to a PO Box so that some nutcase with a bad case of road rage does not know where you live. Another tip was to burn personal information, rather than shred. The post was rather long and VERY insightful.

    I began searching this morning and I've tried just about every type of search term I can think of, but no luck. I started in Back-Up and Security as I believed that was where it was posted. I then moved on to the other categories with the exception of politics. I know this is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but I am hoping that the original poster would recognize his/her work since the handle used was a fairly familiar one.

    FYI - Reason I am looking for the post is due to an unfortunate series of events that have transpired recently. Not only have 3 members of my close family been victimized with credit card fraud, but last night I received an unwanted visit from a (crazy) ex-girlfriend. Apparently she was able to track me down in one way or another. My only guess is that she could have tracked me down via my plates (assuming she would have seen me on the road) or through property records. I've been married for 10 years and have moved several times, so this is of utmost concern.

    If I could have prevented this from happening, I would have. The post I am looking for would definitely have helped. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well...good news and bad news...

    Good news is that after 9 hrs of searching, I found the thread (see post on 10-14-04 08:52 AM):

    Bad news is that it did not provide any info on how to get my name off the property records that are made public and can be accessed by the avg 7 year old.

    Does anybody have any recommendations?

    On a side note, I have no friggin idea how I remembered something from so long ago. I can't remember what happened yesterday :confused:
  3. I can help you. Go to JJ Luna's webiste. He is a privacy expert, none better. Some say paranoid.

    His website is I have no affiliation with him. He has just done right by me.

    He also sells a book by the same name. It's very good I have it.

    The bad news, he is going to say you have to move. You are tied to the address on all sorts of databases. There is no more privacy in the US. An alternative would be to sell it to an New Mexico LLC and give it a return address in Alaska or the Canary Islands, Spain. Let them try to serve you there! You will see when you read the book or visit the site and start reading.

    My next home purchase I will probably do what he recommends. I complained to my neighbor repeatedly about her dog barking early in the morning, and we got into an argument, and she threatened to sue me for harrassment. I laughed she has no case. Nothing every happened, but you can bet I checked my insurance policy limits with my agent.

    Google Mark Nestman, he is also a privacy expert for Sovereign Society, an offshore expat group.

    I hope this helps.