Protecting Multicharts Code, best ways?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Alex27, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Alex27


    Hello There,

    Keen to protect Algo and IP.

    I have researched some options, I feel best way is on your own custom build black box system so until then, what does everyone think is the best way to protect Algo's and IP?

    These are what I have found so far:

    1). You'll need to use DLLs.

    2). You'll need some form of other protection with the DLL's, the one you mention is a pain in the arse. IMHO this is much better...

    They also offer a pure SW version, but I prefer the USB dongle.

    EL alone won't cut it, it can easily be cracked.

    Note, even with the above measures, if people want to crack these, they eventually will.


    Anything I have missed?

    Not looking for this thread to become an argument about you do or don't need to, for me I want to.
  2. userque

  3. I use SEF files for Multicharts
  4. Handle123


    Best way is not hand it out, put it on Collective2 so customer never has it. Maybe a way to put it on a site where customer sticks in his lease number but the software stays on the site and not downloaded. But if you going to allow people to download it, eventually the Russians will break it. I have really never seen anything not broken eventually.
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  5. Multicharts is Russian....
  6. What's your opinion on their DRM policy?
  7. Long time ago I wanted to move to Multicharts, but I asked a minimum level of security concerning my tradeplans. They never could give me anything, so I did not go there. I did a lot of business in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia. They are very good in ICT (whatsapp was developed by a Ukrainian man), but I don't trust them at all. Same problem with Tradestation.
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  8. Alex27


    Its not to sell, its run and protect algo which is ones IP - so is a custom solution open source the way to go ?

    And which ?
  9. Handle123


    So they have already built backdoors for everything, LOL
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  10. Alex27


    great ! NOT.

    How solid is this ?

    It seems the only way to be truly protected is your custom platform, any suggestions of open source automated trading platform?

    that you can black box.
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