Protecting ASSets from Divorce (No Prenup)

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  2. Yes a prenup is bad luck if you don't have one.:D
  3. LOL, no you dont! If you are not willing to give up half your shit, no matter what happens, then you really should'nt even get married. You love your money more than this girl obviously and you keep acting like this, she is going to see how much your money comes before her and then you get the divorce you are hoping not to get!

    If trust was so important to you, then you would trust her that she is not out for your money. are supposed to hide money from the government, not your family! lol
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    I feel for you man. This is one of the main reasons I haven't proposed yet to my long term GF. When you work hard your whole life and accumulate wealth then one wrong marriage decision and ATLEAST half of it can be gone.

    I wouldn't take anyone's advice on this board to heart. The smart play is to get on google and contact a divorce lawyer and get his take on how to proceed with your plan with no prenup. Lets say it costs a $300-500, atleast you are going in the right direction as opposed to the professional ET posters have to say on this topic.
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    I agree that you should set a side for protecting yourself from the very bad girl. But the most important thing is that, since you have decided to live with her, to make yourself better than the other guys; meaning that you must take a great care of her both financially and emotionally.
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    And last but not least, maintain yourself in good condition both physically and mentally. Regularly visiting the gym or playing sports.

    If you have done all of that and still arrive to the divorce then she is really evil and you should thank God for not have to spend the rest of your life with that girl. Move forward for another girl, there should be the right one waiting ahead.

  7. Just get sugar babies. Christ, when she's 30 you'll be looking for something else. John Henry got a 30 yr old, why? cause 50 belongs in the crypt, 40 is probably trying to revert back to 30 with all the makeup..etc...

    Marriage is an outdated failed contractural agreement that was promoted by the state via the church to create stability in society that the rich can game. As long as the elite know society is entering these bogus agreements, the random variations of people's actions become more predictable because of the obligations that come with such agreements. The rich can now begin orchestrating wars or whatever they want to keep them preoccupied as money really has no value outside of tangible assets.
  8. Why get married? From what I read 50-55% of US marriages end in divorce.

    So right there the odds are not too good in regards to your assets.
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    you are 100% correct.

    In this thread

    you'll see how I was about to marry although I hated the idea only because she made such a BIG DEAL. At first she agreed to sign a prenup but at the very last moment...

    After what you said I would like to add how the media too keeps on pushing this unrealistic fairytale of a man and woman who love each other and live happily ever after.

    It is the very SAME concept that goes on in the stockmarket and anyone who enters this field.

    They sell HOPE, to the mass when in reality only a few make the big money. The same few who date more women and hotter younger women. Ask John Henry.
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