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  1. scenario: we've one family computer that I want to trade from - I don't want to
    purchase a second computer
    my (young) children - And their friends also use/play on, with, the computer

    1: how can I prevent a pdf file from being deleted ?

    2: how can I prevent a file from being deleted ?

    3: how can I prevent a folder from being deleted ?

    4: can I prevent a program from being uninstalled ?

    5: is there a way I can prevent the children from opening my charting/order entry
    programs - MetaTrader 4 and NinjaTrader 7 ?
  2. Have them use a different username without admin permissions?
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    Are you sure you are ready for online trading?
  4. you should consider this first:
    if you do not want to buy a computer completely dedicated for trading, do you have money that you would want to risk completely losing in trade that goes wrong?
    you don't need a top notch computer for trading. you can buy something very cheap and remove everything from it besides what you need for trading, and it will run fast enough to execute orders in real time.
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    you can create a hidden encrypted file that only you know how to find and it would be password protected as well. if you want to know more details send me a pm.

    o and im cheap so it's free.
  6. Not sure why you are making it so mysterious; It's called TrueCrypt.

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    i didnt want to explain everything already if he wasnt interested thats all. saves me energy and time.
  8. Bottom line: you can't.

    If they have access to the machine in any way shape or form, something will, eventually, go wrong.
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  10. I have a better idea. Let the kids trade. They may make money and buy you a computer.
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