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  1. I currently have $100k in working capital & earnings set a aside from a business. It is earning a messly 3.5% in an online savings account. I'm looking for an ETF, ETN, REIT, fund, or another asset class that will have a higher yield without taking too much more risk. The money has to remain liquid in case it is needed in the business. Where is the best place to stash my working capital with little appetite for risk?
  2. Morgan Stanley Municipal Income Opportunities Trust II (OIB) yields 6%

    Any other municiple income trusts / ETF's out there?
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    i think you should buy all ADR's etf..

    FXI, IFN, EWZ, EEM, TAN...
  4. How about (CRP) NYSE. CREDIT SUISSE 7.9%, trading at around $25.3 and AA rated
  5. gobar,
    All great ETF's... I actually hold EFA, VWO, NMOAX.... as part of my portfolio (which can stand that type of risk). This pool of money I'm looking to allocate must have a very different risk profile. What I'm looking for is capital preservation. In other words, these funds cannot take any loss.
  6. Then keep the money where it is.

    You can't seek higher gains without comensurate levels of risk.
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  8. 3.5% sounds like a good rate, where are you getting that rate? I'm only getting 2.61% as of June 4th in my money market mutual fund, FSLXX.

  9. I respectfully disagree. 3.5% is not the highest risk-free rate attainable in the market. Municipal bonds have negligible risk and consistently yield 5% tax-free. That said, I do have a slightly higher appetite for risk (than an online savings account) but not 5% swings per day.
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    HSBC gives 3.5% on online savings account right now.
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