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  1. Hello Dear All

    I'm working on TradeSation Automated Strategies , but I'm confused how to protect code with internal parameters function to work only by defined :

    * Trial period
    * Account ID Number

    And the most common problems is protect this code against cracking and hackers.

    I hope some one At least contribute with code to do at least one thing from above
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    Tradestation will tell you the only way to ensure no hacking is by putting the strategy up on their App Store. I've never heard of App Store hacking, but I'm sure someone could do it, if they really wanted to.

    Tradestation protected code can be hacked, and there are sites on the Internet that do it.

    Your best bet, if App Store is not an option, might be to create a license dll that the strategy calls. But even that I'm sure is hackable.

    Good Luck!
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  3. Use Multicharts Powerlanguage, then save/convert file to SEF format. Unbreakable
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  4. The problem that tradesTrade not accept Algeria in developers App store, or trading.
  5. Not trying to bash Tradestation here, but IMO, without going by into specifics, Multicharts is superior in many ways. Their Powerlanguage version has so many enhancements, that it nearly mirrors the performance of expensive/higher end C/C# platforms.

    As far as offering/protecting IP for vendor services, you can black box the files into SEF format. Within there you can use variables to script time bombs (using dates) that make them unusable at expiration. This meets your trial period needs.

    You can use GetUserID which makes file usable in only your clients Multicharts platform.

    You can use GetAccountID which makes file usable only in client trading account.
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  6. schweiz


    Multicharts is created by Russians. But is probably a neglectible small detail...
    Putin personally confirmed that they would never do anything illegal.

    You never know what Multicharts, but also Tradestation, install on your computer. Only they know.
    Unbreakable is unbreakable till it is broken. Everything can be hacked.
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  7. Do you really believe they would jeopardize guaranteed revenue for possible gambling revenue?

    Besides, most true edges aren’t statically grounded. They’re complex and shift with market conditions and regulations.
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    Yes. I know it happens as I was 1 time accidentally in the same room when it happened. It was not with Multichart but with a worldwide renown US company. Only when we left the room and somebody explained me what happened I understood it. And as there was never any proof, and except of the hackers nobody else had any idea what was going on, there was never any suspicion. The owner of the hacked code still does not know that this ever happened.

    Millions of computers have already been hacked without anybody noticing it. And if you can install all programs on the clients PC things are a piece of cake. Almost all trading software installs something on the clients PC. Everywhere there is a risk and the risk to get caught is almost nihil.
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  9. schweiz


    If they would be dynamical they would always work. As dynamical means continuous adapting to the market conditions.