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    Protect EA is robot to hide the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit for broker.

    After starting, EA controls all opened positions for the current symbol and sets virtual stop loss / take profit lines in current chart window.

    If price will cross one of the line, EA automatically will close order. If in order exist the standard SL and TP, then the EA will remove them and at the same levels sets virtual SL/TP (hidden). When there wasn't set SL or TP, then EA will set the virtual SL and TP in the distance specified in EA params.

    EA works on any pair and any timeframe. It is possible to run more than one copy of EA in one MT4 terminal. If you want to change the TP or SL, just click on the line and you can move on the chart.

    WARNING. For properly working virtual SL and TP, the EA must be running. After switching off the MT4, the orders will not be closing. For pending orders, virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit are setting only after order's activation.

    Do not use this EA in combination with other EA which could changing or setting real Stop Loss and Take Profit in the orders.

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    Lol. If you are suspecting the broker is trading against you, hiding your orders will not really help. All the broker has to do is collect your "puking point" statistics :)

    If you were running a bucket shop and noticed that lots of positions got opened at/around the below price, do you really need to see the orders to know where most will exit?

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    If you put a sl in the obvious place on support or resistance. Sometimes, I think adding Free tools is not a good idea, because nobody appreciates them. Please test this tool with your broker, we know well that the brokers have different tricks this is one solution to these problems.