Prostitution ring, potential to bring down alot of Wallstreeters

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  1. Its no surprise that alot of wallstreeters use prostitutes. But now that this ring has been broken, and the books of this ring tobe release to the general public. What would be the consequences. You say no big deal. In an age of ethics and companies taking no chances, what would happen. Boeings CEO was fired for having an affair.}&siteid=mktw&dist=
  2. I think The Steet will view it in classical Adam Smith terms. Did the Johns pay price in line with supply and demand? Was the pussy worth the specie? Did the whores achieve real control equal to the control the Johns imagined? We have four thousand years of recorded economic data, more than we have on bread or gold, on the fair market value of pussy (including net present value). This is only an issue to the wives of the Johns, who shortly will show them the price of MARRIED pussy in the upcoming divorce proceedings.
  3. If the "madam" has any politicians among her clientele in her black-book, nothing will happen.
  4. lol hypo, I agree.
  5. LOL! Pussy and the invisible hand. :D
  6. We are becoming a service economy.
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    does this incident show that alot of wallstreeters use prostitutes?