Prostitution for $10 in Detroit

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  1. Read Superfreakonomics.
    "The Internet has revolutionized prostitution. In short, is street prostitution a nearly dead industry? Also, what will become of pimps? I realize there will always be a certain base level of street prostitutes to serve addicts and thrill seekers, but certainly the sample size must be getting smaller every day. – Alex Churchill
    The Internet has transformed the possibilities for many players in the sex work industry, not just “prostitutes” per se. Those who dance, who provide sexual services via phone, and who run escort agencies have all benefited from use of the web. But we should note that there is a digital divide in sex work. Low-income, urban, and minority populations are really not able to take advantage of IT to the same degree. They may wish to, but the initial costs as well as the need for upkeep/maintenance exceed their capacities.

    The sample size may indeed be getting smaller, but that may also be a result of gentrification. The fact is, mayors in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Cleveland, etc, have proactively pushed their low-income populations out to the city’s edge. So we actually do not know for sure whether there has been a decrease, or whether we are simply not looking at the right place."

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    Why is this in the Economics Forum? Is this the newest economic report to be released at 08:30 each Monday? Think MarketWatch will be reporting this? Is this market moving information?
  3. deflation?
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    It belongs in the Economics section because for 95% of the posters it is the only prostitute they can afford and the only way they will get laid. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  5. $10 for sex from these women? How many of you would pay $20 for them NOT to touch you?

    *raises hand*
  6. There is nothing that comes closer to Economics then prostitution


    Man, those women are ugly.
  7. I agree, this should be in the political area,, since those republicans whom believe in Free Markets so much wont allow us the free markets to operate, but as always,,they will
  8. WOW!!!! I can't believe what dumb fucks some of the posters here can be!!!! This post is in the economics forum, because it represents the US economy - how fucking dumb can you be?????? The same pig fuckers who RANT about the US economy being a HUGE part of the international economy will rant about the small pay for prositituion in Detroit - fucking amazing!!! From what I have seen posted by misterno - I REALLY generally disagree with misterno's posts! I am a right wing, Christian conservative (yeah, the Christian part is OFTEN hard to see in my posts :D ) but I agree in the value of human life. If prostitution is devalued to 10 bucks for a sex act in NOT be so fucking arrogant as to believe that that price won't migrate to the rest of the country!

    To the DUMB FUCKS who can't think - let me help you out and do the thinking for you - as usual!!! (I think fuckers who don't think deserve the death penalty - NO JOKE!!!!):

    Cost - give a blow job in Detroit: $10.00 USD. Work at Micky-D's for an hour $7.25. Do you REALLY FUCKING THINK the BRAINIACS who are dithering between the two will contrast risk/reward in their brain???? How much will AIDS/Syphilis/Chlamydia/etc. cost the US if we allow this shit to go on?????

    Oy Vey!!! I won't go on about the devaluation of a society by prostitution!. That is NOT to say that I am against prostitution!!!! Legalize it someplace - but make pay commensurate with risk OR capitalize the gov't with the risk inherent with such activity!!!!

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