ProsperPro worst software ever

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Is ProsperPro the worst trading platform ever?

  1. Yes, i never traded on bigger piece of s#%t

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  2. No, I love it,

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  3. Never used it. And don't want to.

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  1. Is there a software that is worst than SwiftTrade? Seems like system is down all time. How are you supposed to make money if we can't trade. They should do something about this.
  2. I cant for the life of me understand how it is down so much. They make money from us making trades and money, why would they not hire competant people or better software/hardware to have more uptime and more making money?

    I wonder what the estimate would be for lost money just friday. Good volume, good trend, and of course BIDU..... just retarded.
  3. M Vega

    M Vega


    I had to close down 3 positions, because they had to reset something :confused: while everything seemed to work ok!

    It's just crazy they can't give us good software with all the money they make!
  4. stop complaining and go to another firm..there are a few canadian firms with better softwares and JUST as good commissions AND BETTER PAYOUTS.
  5. Easy goldies, maybe better payout, but

    I would like to know where is the "JUST as GOOD COMMISSIONS"
  6. FCCT


    Easy BCF... maybe better payout, and maybe "just as good commission"

    I would like to know where I can get Attain too!
  7. agreed. Their system and support are ridiculous. Most of the time if you put a problem in IRC you're ignored. The only thing that was accomplished from the recent changes they made to prevent "wash-trading" is traders being stuck in positions because of ghost orders.

    Perhaps something good will come from Friday's debacle though. The guys at the top know that lots of traders were wanting to trade BIDU. They may realize how much money they could have made (and lost because of telling everyone it was safe to trade and then telling everyone to flatten in 5 min because they were bringing the system down). Here's to hoping....

    All I can say is...I would not want to be on the HO end of the conference call on Tuesday
  8. Yeah that's why I was so bitter. No trading on friday, with the money they make of us they should have their system working at least 99.99 percent of the time.
  9. mnx


    i think ppro itself is great, it's just all the backend stuff that is horrible!

    swift's system is definitely down far too much. I know no system has 100% uptime but I think swift's might be the worst...

    does anyone out there have a retail account that they trade when ppro bites the dust?

  10. I have account with genesis that I use when Prosper-pro is out and when I need to get out of shares at the end of the day (after 4). I refuse to take big losses because of stupid penson clearing. When you can just hold the shares to next day and get out even in most cases. Of course I have way less money than what swift gives but it's not too bad. I might be getting out of swift now as Genesis is getting millenium ecn any day now, all i have to do is borrow some money from my parents or the bank to get more money in my account.

    Btw. Friday was great trading when there was no swifties around. Couldn't belive my luck.
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