Prospective Canadian traders out of luck!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by FanOfFridays, May 7, 2002.

  1. metooxx - you mean they will take my account? Just spoke to them and they said no...?
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  2. If you set-up a US LLC or corporation, the LLC sets up a corporate account, you trade it ....

    If they tell you different PM me.
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  3. Hi Don

    Thanks for the info - spoke to Diane in NJ today bit didn't ask her about remote trading. Same per share commish applies, I assume. Just hadn't counted on _having_ to be that active to start with - again, I had planned on doing some very low volume swing trading - if (when :))that worked out, then perhaps moving into some shorter term stuff.
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  4. You'll be surprised when you actually get involved. Successful activity tends to lead to more of the same (we like that :) )...200K per month is generally done just with opening only orders for new people.

    In any event, the same fees and benefits apply, stay in touch with Diane and I.

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  5. alanm


    What? Canadian provinces are seceding?

    Oh. Never mind. :)
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  6. How soon is soon? I think your calendar is broken my friend.

    12/4/01: "...Bright Trading have already filed paperwork (several months ago), and are in the process of establishing an office asap."

    11/5/01: "Just clarifying (not advertising). Bright is coming to Toronto. Paperwork was filed nearly 12 months ago, but somehow there was some confusion between our clearing firm and the Canadian regulators. This has been resolved, and we are going forward."

    Months before that you had a Toronto office listed on your web site (what was up with that???)

    When are you gonna stop pulling Toronto dates out of your _ _ _??? :)
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  7. We have an ongoing process with Canada, and they (Canadian Regulators) have even started a new "commission" to review requests for licensing. We are pushing as hard as we can, and have gone to Toronto to meet with officials, etc.

    We have enlisted Spear Leeds and their attorneys to help, but even the retail firms have not been able to get licensing. We are approved in BC, and all we can do is continue our process with diligence.

    If it was us, we could fix it, but it's not.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we have made room for many Canadians in our US offices in the interim.

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