ProShares bitcoin short ETF launched today

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  1. maxinger


    It is not going to be a successful product.

    Look at CME micro BTC futures -
    after so many years, volume is still very pathetic at 2k / day only.

    Even CBOE had to terminate BTC futures product due to
    very poor volume.

    traders are simply not interested in crypto derivative products.

    By comparison, the micro NQ volume is 2 000 000 / day.
  2. Overnight


    It is because they screwed up the contract size.

    Who the hell wants to trade a 5 BTC contract in a future with vol the way it is? The micro volume is going to follow the mini volume, for arbing. CME fuked it up, like they did with micro CL years and years ago. They finally got it right, and Micro CL seems to be working now.
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  3. Pekelo


    Did they just give a new definition to the ETF today? I see BITI's chart for a whole year back and the value is different, $24 as closing today, not 38ish. The definition says BetaPro Inverse Bitcoin ETF. Has it been in test mode or what?
  4. maxinger


    congrats !!!!
    You have 10000 LIKES!!!!
  5. Overnight


    Didn't notice. Song time!

  6. it is pathetic. that so many here talk shit and are allowed to remain , unmolested

    this is the volume for the June micro BTC contract
  7. bashing ES all night, I'm up large as it tanks hard

    now Im calling for BTC to crack 20k and head lower
  8. johnarb


    Who molested you, Jack?? It explains a lot
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