Prosecutor looks at ways to put Israeli officers on trial for Gaza 'war crimes'

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    The International Criminal Court is exploring ways to prosecute Israeli commanders over alleged war crimes in Gaza.

    The alleged crimes include the use of deadly white phosphorus in densely populated civilian areas, as revealed in an investigation by The Times last month. Israel initially denied using the controversial weapon, which causes horrific burns, but was forced later, in the face of mounting evidence, to admit to having deployed it.

    A coalition of Israeli human rights groups has urged the country’s attorney-general to open an independent investigation into allegations of war crimes by troops, urging that to do so could head off international court cases. The groups, including the antisettlement organisation B’Tselem, said that there had been reports of Israeli forces firing into civilian areas, denying medical aid to the wounded and preventing Palestinian ambulances from reaching them, and of firing at people carrying white flags.
  2. Cool let the ICC go and get them.

    Of course if I were in charge of IDF I would send the heads (ICC)back COD.:D
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    I'm getting a bit worried about the recent resurgence in the usage of acronyms.

    Remember that scene in "Good Morning, Vietnam" when Cronauer (Robin Williams) gives about a 200 word speech composed almost entirely of acronyms? It was no accident that the effect was comedy. :)
  4. Bullshit

    According to the report, Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the paper that he intended to look into petitions brought by Palestinian groups which alleged that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead when the country used white phosphorous in densely populated areas.

    The prosecutor went on to say that his examination of the facts of the case was not a confirmation that Israel did indeed commit war crimes, but rather an analysis to determine whether the court had any jurisdiction in prosecuting Israel, the paper reported.
  5. What's wrong with using phosphorus to light up the skies over your enemy's military targets even if it may cause burns to your enemy if they are foolish enough not to take shelter during a bombing attack or maybe Israel should have just carpet bomb the entire area as the Allies did in World War II to the Axis?

    The allies bombed the hell out of civilian German areas during World War II especially at the end of the war (see the Dresden bombing for example when the mainstream Germans were already sick of Hitler and the other Nazi leaders. In other words, they were already sympathetic to the Allies and this is exactly when they received their greatest punishment.

    The Gaza military and civilian population would like nothing more than to drive the Jews into the sea, and the Hamas gov't fired more than 7,000 deadly rockets into Israel over a couple year period to prove that point.

    Any other country given the military capabilities of Israel would have obliterated that stinking center of terrorism called Gaza after a couple of days of attack from it.

    It is the utmost responsibility of a country to protect its citizens -- not to cuddle a enemy bent on destroying it.

    Consequently, the US dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why should the US have sustained thousands of more casualties to beat the Japanese in a convential manner? The Japanese as well as the German war machine was dependent on its civilian population so they became a fitting military target. The German and Japanese population as a whole had the ability to choose peace over war, but they decided to pursue war so naturally they would have to pay the price if they lost.

    Similarly, the Hamas population in Gaza was overwhelmingly in support of its democratically elected Hamas government, and they choose war over peace so what did these whining hypocrites expect from Israel a kiss on both cheeks and a pat on the back? See these videos to get a feel of the sheer hypocrisy of these wicked people and as it comes straight from their mouths and actions.

    Too bad Israel pays attention to Arab, Muslim, and other anti-Semitic world propaganda at the expense of its citizens. Any other country given Israel's military capabilities would have long ago utterly destroyed this implacably hostile population in Gaza and the West Bank!

  6. IDF, Israel defense forces

    they think they talk to jewnazis like themselves
  7. If nothing else, this case shows why Bush was wise to refuse to join the ICC. No country can responsibly turn its national defense over to an international body of socialist jurists nor can it morally expose its soldiers to kangeroo court justice.

    Has the ICC indicted hamas and hezhbollah for war cirmes? Has it indicted the Iranian leadership? Has it indicted hugo chavez for sponsoring revolution and kidnappings and terrorism in colombia?