Prosecute Hillary and other WikiWitches, not Assange

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. "THE Australian Federal Police say they have not yet found any breach of Australian law in the leaking of US diplomatic documents published by WikiLeaks.

    Attorney-General Robert McClelland said in a statement the government had received advice from the AFP on the matter, after police were asked to determine whether any illegality had occurred."
  2. The "tipping point".

    Still months away.

    But at some point, there will be more countries (and people) on the side of Wikileaks.

    At that point, the minority involved in the dirty tricks campaign against Wikileaks has a chance to receive sharp legal scrutiny.

    (You heard it here first - Like the fact that Wikileaks had a BAC exec's hard drive!)
  3. In the public realm, the first sign of the "tipping point" described above.

    A tweet:

    FreedomTX‎ Ask your children what they think of #BankOfAmerica trying to "destroy" the reputation of people who fight for good #HBGARY #freedom #BOFA
    Twitter - 14 minutes ago

    Still not here, but BofA, Hillary, et al., should be concerned when they are rightfully seen as the Evil Empire, and, by way of contrast, Anonymous, Wikileaks, et. al., are viewed as the Jedi.