Pro's Thread... $1,00,000 Profit Minimum

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by gnome, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. gnome


    Premise... IF you've made either (1) $1 Million for yourself or (b) $10 Million for someone else [clients?], your input may be relevant. Otherwise, I hope you will not deceive by presenting that you have... that is, NOT POST.

    I don't know that other such traders will post and share, but I perceive the concept interesting worthy of an effort.

    Let me start....

    I've done W-A-A-A-Y more than both, yet I still "trade on egg shells" most of the time.

    Currently, I see the stock indices about midway in a trading range, and would suggest "buying the dip, selling the rally" until there is a conclusive breakout.

    PS... Tried this a couple of years ago and got nowhere...
  2. ozzy


    This is discrimination.

  3. gnome


    How so? You always earn your way up the ladder, so to speak. (I started my investing career with $25/mo on a bank draft into Templeton Growth mutual fund.)
  4. whatsya question dude?
  5. ozzy


    All good. I was kiddding. Pro's enjoy yourselves, I plan to be on this list ASAP.

  6. AK100


    gnome, I bet you never wear a 'jacket', instead you always wear a '$500 jacket':D :D :D :D :D
  7. Made it lost it,
    Made it again lost it again,
    Working on Third time .... :)

    Can I stay ?
  8. gnome

    Is that for one day?
  9. Sintax


    % is king... $1,000,000 or $1,000, who gives a s&@#.
  10. Choad


    Made lots more than salary.

    But it took me 20 years!

    I'm working on the tradin' part. :D
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