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    Am requesting opinions of those more familiar with "turnkey" systems....

    My brother-in -law in looking at a buying a mid-range Dell or Gateway for basic internet access to replace his outdated computer. Looking at around $2K including fp monitor, scanner, printer. If it were up to me, I would custom build my own, but he is not confident about installing anything and needs some hand holding to get started...any comments on customer service on either???

    Am also suggesting to him to go to CompUSA and other places to at least look/feel some of the other hardware out there....

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    Dell has very competitive deals, gateway does not seem to. I look at which lists every Dell deal thru the week, like most of the deal sites. During the week Dell has many 1-2 day specials. Calls to Dell's regular support have been fairly good with an average 10 min wait time, he should use his savings to get a express support plan( 69 dollars for 2 years) . I had one from Gateway several yrs ago and it was well worth it.
  3. "Looking at around $2K including fp monitor, scanner, printer. "

    For a mid range, I dont think you have to spend near that much.

    Personally, I like Best Buy better than CompUSA, The prices have seemed better and the brands more mainstream.

    I would consider almost any lesser known brand on par with gateway - I just dont see gateway necessarely being around any longer than anyone else. You could get an e-machines setup with all you asked for as low as $700-$800 with rebates.

    As far as setting it up goes, its about the same as setting up a sound system anymore.
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    Thanks for the posts....will bring these to his would be different if I could stay here (on the mainland) and walk him through the purchase, but I am leaving Tues and am trying to get him as much info as possible to help him get back "online"...:)
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    I know they have taken some flack but I have had a Dell and it has been flawless(and it was a refurbish- good savings)
  6. Dell should/would serve him a little better in my opinion. As a tech, it's where I send most of those who are bent on buying over the phone. CompUSA is a great source also in that he can get some hands on experience and talk to a live, visible body when he has questions. They will be there even if he chooses to use Dell/Gateway route for a purchase.

    Try this, most Comp USA outlets give classes for the beginner who'd like to build his own setup. I can't tell you how valuable that small capital expenditure will be in the long run. Good luck! :)
  7. FWIW, when my non-techie friends ask for system advice, I usually send them to Dell, with an admonishment to purchase the 3-year onsite warranty.

    I build my own desktops and servers, but my support experiences with my dell laptop have been phenomenal.
  8. I've been buying Dells for 6 years now. Can't tell about their customer service after buying because I've never had a problem. My friend works for GE and says that he uses dells there and they work the crap out of them and they never break down.

    If you're not comfortable building your own system, I would suggest a dell.
  9. What happens when computer companies like DELL decide to make the Super Express service plan, mark it up even more, and then push the old "Express" guys back in the queue? Did they not they do the same thing to people who purchased their computers prior to the introduction of the Express Support Plan? Seems to me, that might be something to think about. Maybe they should just allow you to call, enter in your credit card number, and conduct some kind of continuous auction so that when a service rep becomes available, the highest bidder gets the service? I think I might be on to something...
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