prorealtime vs madscan vs trade-ideas

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by samir84, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. samir84


    i am looking for a scanner that can give; volume spikes, approaching hi/lo, moving quickly, etc and is the cheapest. If someone knows a better scanner thats not mentioned here would be helpful too.
  2. dmabe


    You can't go wrong with Trade-Ideas. It's a mature product that I've used for years now. Great support and they add new features all the time. It's paid for itself many times over.

  3. Splat


    I sent madscan an email asking them some questions. They didnt even bother acknowledging the email let alone replying to any questions. Obviously I didnt bother signing up. I figured that if the pre-sales was this bad the post sales support was going to be worse.

    On a positive note, I have used Trade-ideas. They have a good extensive service with good support.
  4. You want to look into Trade Irdeas for sure!
  5. piptek


    I used both products. Trade-Ideas has more options and versatile and tweaking the scans you can get better and better day by day. I personally interacted couple of people in Trade-ideas and are real good and helpful. I personally run trade-ideas everyday to do day trading/scalping. . Right now MADSCAN is linked with lightspeed broker. With limited feature and sky high subscription price , I doubt MADSCAN can impress more brokers or individuals in future. I still like to see more real time quality scanning softwares in the trading world.
  6. You should take the free trial of StockVision PowerScan. It has a lot of customizability and I think it's the cheapest.
  8. piptek


    Thanks thunderbolt for the info, Stockvision does have a great prices on their products. I watched few vidoes, inexpressive.I might buy their products. I am exploring right now Prorealtime which is expensive but heavily customizable for technical daytraders. I use Trade-ideas with brokers so no subscription from my pocket. Also I generate my own technical indicator scans(written by me) through out the day realtime on selective stocks on ninjatrader which is very powerful and zero cost involved.
  9. 1strader


    You should check out Stealth Alerts. Hands down the best stock screening product out there. It doesn't have any of the limitations that the others do.
  10. piptek


    I had checked out Stealth Alerts looks like a startup product. I don't consider that product as a Enterprise level product yet. Trade-ideas is still the best in my opinion based on price and performance next I would recommend Stockvision.
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