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  1. For the price you can beat this company. I found this platform by accident when i was looking a cheap realtime platform the allows you to do backteating. I m currently using this platfoerm on a 7day free trial.
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    Thanks for the link . One needs to give his telephone number and wait for teh company to call before getting the 1 week free trial.

    Do you get Level 2 when registering for the following services :

    ProRealTime us NASDAQ Equities & Indices starting at 9.5 € /month
    without order book 9.5 €13.3 $ 9.5 € /month
    with up to 10 lines order book 29 €40.6 $ 29 € /month
    ProRealTime us NYSE Equities & Indices 15 €21 $ 15 € /month
    ProRealTime us AMEX Equities & Indices 15 €21 $ 15 € /month
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    yes, they are good and cheap.
  4. im not sure about about level 2. im more of a long term intra-day trader. example: I use alot of 180minute charts
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    I will ask them this info when they call, but do you know if it's possible to link their market data to TWS, so when I pass orders through IB I don't get the warning pop up stating IB discourages users to order without having live market data ?
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    According to the prorealtime rep I talked to, you can't. They don't seem to offer NYSE open book either, which should matter to some traders.
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    Just talked to them again and registered for the 1 week free real time data... and so far I don't get extended hours data for US stocks, which makes prorealtime quite useless. The rep on the phone also thought I couldn't get those. Note as well they offer *very* limited market depht and no news feed yet.

    Do you get pre and post market data ? If so, how ?

  8. Please specify what you want to do.

    It is impossible to link ANY datafeed to TWS.
    (Assuming with "to link" it is meant that TWS shows the feed data in its window.)

    If that's the problem, there is an easy solution:
    Ignore it.

  9. Yes, excellent outfit.

    Just a tip to the HERD ....

    that 7 days can be extended without permission from George Bush.
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    Possibly, but do you get extended hours real time data, because so far I don't ?
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