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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Johnson311, May 16, 2005.

  1. Has anyone used for trading? I've trialled it and found the package to be superb, I would like a second opinion before I make a purchase though.

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    im getting fed up with futuresource. its getting unreliable since esignal took it over.

    data feeds going down, and java problems.

    looking to use pro real time for cme futures.

    any experience out there?
  3. I have been using Pro Realtime for a couple of months now and am very satisfied. Previously I have used Qcharts and Esignal.

    Pro Realtime is cheaper and more reliable than both imo. In addition to stocks, I follow the ym and es charts. I should note that my charting needs are very basic (price and volume only).
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    thanks - me too - i need only price, volume , time & sales. 90% of their functionality will be wasted on me i guess.

    so looks like the futures feed is reliable - thats cool.

    anymore pleased or angry prorealtime folk?

    is there anyone else who has noticed a decline in futuresource (used to be excellent imo)
  5. BUMP

    Ive been using and lately have been very dissatisfied with their service. its especially irritating that for the money you pay they dont have a real time 5/15/1HR screener.

    After doing some research Ive come across ProRealTime which has been getting good reviews on this site. The only thing is a couple people have said the real time price can lag a bit...I cant deal with that if its true.

    Can anyone really confirm or deny this ?

    As for why Im not using ESig or IB..Ive been with ETrade for a long time ( 10years ) and I dont want to switch brokers or pay a data feed.

    Comments ?
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    (Hey, its my first post ever)

    I've been looking into ProRealTime as well. However, I've been looking into it because I want to get off of Windows and onto Linux. I have been able to use it easily on both Windows and Linux. The nice part is your data is saved server side so it shows up on whichever computer you are on (ProRealTime is a webbased charting package).

    I signed up for the free EOD trial (havent activated my real-time yet) and so far I am very impressed.

    The three potential things that could keep me from switching are:

    1) Lagged real-time (I haven't checked yet)

    2) Lack of Linux compatible execution platforms (I cant find any way to enter orders in Linux aside from IB's web interface)

    3) Weak script language for making my own trading plans

    I haven't been able to look into any of the above three issues yet. When I do I'll update here. If anyone has any info regarding those three items I would be curious to hear them.
  7. You don't need to use IB's web interface. TWS including book trader, runs fine on Linux.
  8. Their professional pricing is outrageous. The basic real-time monthly charge for a pro is $698.60 (quarterly plan), and the exchange fees are wildly inflated: $236.60 for CME, $208.60 for CBOT, $138.60 for NYMEX miNYs (they don't have access to the full-size products?).