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    if one wants to go prop, is it possible to trade equities and futures, or are there prop firms for each? that may be a dumb question, but i was wondering? could someone trade the s&p, and microsoft at the same time? just curious.
  2. yes there is and a new one coming down the pipe.
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    chiguy, what does that mean? you lost me with that reply.
  4. Majority of Prop firms have a futures devision now

  5. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    At ECHO you can trade futures and equities and options right now.


    Boomer,,,,,,, Many firms are going the futures along with stock trading. If you live near the wall street area I would be willing to show you a great setup. The cost in relation to the facilities and the caliber traders are the best I have seen. If the traders are active,, he should pay no more than $4.00 RT and $10.00 per ticket all inclusive for stocks. Just send me an email for more info.
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    Boomer, the firm I'm joining offers intra-day leverage and I can trade everything from options, to futures, (J-Trader is the execution platform), e-minis, I can even trade currencies if I want.

    I really like the ability to be able to trade <any> instrument and not be limited to just equities. I haven't seen to many firms that have this opportunity and none that were in my immediate area.

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    Just not single stock futures. I opened and funded a futures account to trade ssf's. But I eventually gave up waiting after the endless runaround and conflicting answers about when they will be available. And when they are available, cross margining and delivery of stock against a contract won't be possible, which screws up the strategy I had in mind.

  9. mrktwiz,

    what is the name of the firm you're joining? I'm interested in joining a prop firm that trades futures.