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    I recently spoke with someone from a prop group in Chicago who helped answer some questions I had about the propriety trading industry, however, he wasn't able to answer one of the biggest questions I have: where might I find information on small trading groups? I would like to work with a tight network of traders in a small trading group -- somewhere I feel part of a team, where strategy is talked about openly among the group. I believe this would be an excellent learning environment for a "newcomer" like myself. I have been trying to find information about these groups with little luck through the Internet as well as word of mouth. I've found that the kind of group I described is extremely difficult to find. Does anyone know of a group like this that might interest me and are looking for someone? Any advice as to where I could look for a small group? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

    I will be graduating in the Spring of 2007 with a degree in Finance Honors from DePaul University in Chicago. I have worked on the floor for 8 summers in the Grains and Dow at the CBOT, as well as in NASDAQ futures at the CME. I am a hard worker and am fascinated by the financial markets. I am well trained on CQG and do not shy away from further developing my understanding of technical analysis. I am looking to get involved with a group where I can learn and develop relationships that will provide an excellent platform when I eventually start my career upon graduation. I would like to start in the summer.
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    Wait until you are within 6 months of your graduation. It is pointless for anyone to interview you when you cannot take a job. I would strongly discourage you from leaving school in order to do trading. What are you going to do if things do not work out for you?
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    I had no plans too leave school early. I was looking for a job now with the hopes that I could work this summer with the group, work my month long winter break next year, and then begin full time upon graduation in spring of 2007. Possibly start my training, or just get some good experience is my intention in starting early.
  4. Look at a group that is expanding their operation from SF to Chicago.

    VTrader Group runs some floor market makers, Remote MM and some small funds with options and futures as their trading vehicle. They do have an OB for customers and arcade futures traders.

    They have some decent futures scalpers and bigger options traders who use the best project to execute their trade plan.

    John K. who is their Chicago opps. guy runs an Option Vue Group out in ChiTown. Good educator.

    They have raised money through their network for traders who have developed a consistant track record.

    They are small but know their shit.
  5. look up maverick

    prop desk that trade nazdaq....very solid firm, great traders, great training program

    hard to get in there ...

  6. Coincidence?

    I was thinking of putting up a similar thread. I'm torn between two programs, one in Chicago and the other at Baruch for grad school this next year.

    I've already got a job lined up in New York, but I would like to find a place to at least be a trader's assistant in Chicago.

    ANyone got experience as an assistant? is there a decent salary?
  7. no, there is not a decent salary but its your foot in the door. Dozens of millionaire traders go their start making 15K a year as a runner. Have to start somewhere. Best of luck to you.
  8. no, there is not a decent salary but its your foot in the door. Dozens of millionaire traders go their start making 15K a year as a runner. Have to start somewhere. Best of luck to you.

  9. First off you posted twice. Second, I think I can live off of 15k. I would need to find a good roomate. And probably would have to work right next to school.

    What exactly does a runner do? How can one go about finding a runner position?

    THere doesn't seem to be postings on jobboards about runners. I could go to the actual offices once I moved to Chicago and started school though?
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    It's definitely hard to find out about the smaller shops. Take a look at the larger prop firms like Jump, Infinium, Chicago Trading Company, DRW, etc. The smaller guys you'll just have to hear about via word of mouth - at least that was my experience when graduating earlier this year.
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