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  1. if you are a profitable comodity trader and you have a track record for at least six month, you should World Wide Futures, they will match any capital you are willing to put up on your trading account, the number 1-800-820-1464.
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    oh and they of course don't take any losses on capital, ie it's just marketing: a way of offering higher leverage.

    yawn, u think people still fall for this nonsense?

  3. Very good,
    The whole point is to give qualified traders a chance to have higher leverage without putting down the whole amount.
  4. You wouldn't by chance be SPAMMIN' for ET's Newest Member (and non-sponsor) Worldwide, LLC,
    (uptop the ET Home Page) now, would you?
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    Do you have any bread and mustard for this SPAM.:D
  6. I dont understand why you guys are so hostile , all Im tryin to do is put my product out there for any trader that might be interested.If you arent then please do not respond.
  7. Welcome to ET...people that "put their product out there" are usually beaten mercilessly.
  8. Im startin to see that , but I dont understand why. If you were a trader without enough capital and was looking, wouldnt you want to see my thread?
  9. You seem like an OK guy so I'll spell it out for you.

    This business (trading) is full of get-rich-quick ripoff artists, many of which come to this board and present "great products/opportunities"...most of which are a complete sham. Most people figure if you have something good, you would be trading it yourself...if not, then you're a crook.

    People frown upon self-promotion in any forum, this one is brutal. Just search "Wizetrade" and you'll see what I mean.

    Anyway, do yourself a favor and save yourself some wasted time. If you wish to advertise here, pay Baron. You may continue to get bashed, but at least you will be on the right track.

    Just my .02.

  10. if you are a profitable " comodity" trader .....

    LOL ...... say no mas
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