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  1. Hi i really want to end up in hedge fund trading. It is said to start in proprietary trading. Im not ivy league, but i have a high GPA at a chicago university DePaul. How do i break into prop trading? Ive been learning about trading for 7 years. Trading my own capital for 4 years. Good results nothing spectacular but i do show an interest in trading. I cant see myself doing anything else so its vital i break into this business. Please help.
  2. Prop trading is a scam.

    You really will only trade your own money.
    They only lend you money to overleverage beyond what's legal.
    SEC was raiding prop firms because of illegal overleverage, but they (illegally and immorally) stopped doing so to avoid rocking the boat in this already weak markets.

    Prop firms only profit from margin (illegal overleverage) interests and trading commissions.

    They don't care if you lose.
    And you will.
    You have been warned.
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    bro how bad did you get smoked. i am going to be very disapointed if its only like 10k or something. you had to loose big with a prop firm not paying you what you were owed. you know alot about the markets so it cant be because you just couldnt figure the game out. clue us all in please
  4. Plus he doesn't know what prop trading is in terms of the chi grad's terms.
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    I'd say, firstly start to pay attention to details, like spelling ... :)
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    Chicago Prop Trading is alive and well.

    Have an edge. Don't ask for a draw.
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    Bone, what do you know about Buttonwood?
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    PM me please.
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    I am fully funded, PM's only.
  10. I never prop traded, as I always knew it was a scam.

    I neverdaytrader, as I know daytraders can't predict the large (6 or 7 figures) trades I have placed for my and my clients.
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