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  1. So what I am getting from prop firm threads is that the following are good to trade with:


    I want to remote prop trade but do not have that much capital for initial requirement. I cannot even afford the $5k. I have been daytrading options at optionsxpress, have finally got my strategy down, but I just need more money to trade it (I only have around $2500, really can't afford any more). I wished I had the $25k to daytrade but don't. I like trading options in that they settle next trading day. stocks are okay due to thinner spreads with high volume stocks. option spreads suck but can be overcome if u trade a volatile large volume stock such as TIE.

    i just need to know which prop firms will allow me to deposit less than $5k for remote trading. i have not made a ton of money from my strategy yet due to small dollar amt i trade with. i can make a good amt if the dollar amt i start out with is bigger.

    again, just asking which REPUTABLE PROP FIRMS will let me remote prop trade with dollar amt less than $5k. thanks.
  2. You can trade emini with a 2,500.00 account. Only cost 500.00 per contract. You don't need 25K to trade emini.
  3. So, anybody have any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. Haven't seen too many responses, thanks.

  4. ever want to drive a cheap car, even a rental, let alone an expensive car on anything other than gasoline, such

    as false hopes?

    that's the equivalent of your question.

    Just to cut to the chase, this prop shop idea is a rich mans' game, nothing less.

    What is it you fancy yourself doing or being? Some hot shot trader yelling orders at some clerk on a crowded trading desk? That never happens anyway, you'd be thrown off the floor and your building pass cancelled, in that same hour, while you were sitting in the bosses office and they were calming you down.

    This is a money game, nothing less. Plan on having 3x what is asked for, just to be able to stay once you lose your first round of monies. Plan on losing the second round of monies as you endure past all the stupid games and worthless trading techiques that you might be taught. Most of these are no longer useful nor work anymore, at least to the outsized profitability that they used to.

    Plan on using your third set of monies just to survive on and keep your family expenses going, while you hope to earn on your trading. Then you can call yourself successful.

    I can't tell you how many traders I saw blow through $25,000 in under 1 month, and at most under 4 months, and they were some bright guys too.

    Most women, don't allow themselves these odds and hence don't trade at these levels, and hence you just don't see on these desks.

    just a reality point or two....
  5. Edit: Blah, a bunch of crap I typed, I'm only deleting it so I don't have to get 100's of pm's asking me about prop firms.
  6. Well, trading options helps reduce exposure when stock goes against you. I just want to know of any prop shops that allow me to hedge with options when a trade goes awry. Just can't drop $5k or $10k with a firm right now. Believe me, if I had the min of money to daytrade ($25k), I could make some good money with a retail options online broker, could care less about a prop shop.

    Also, with options, I really don't care if a stock goes against me. I am attempting to build money up with the little amount of money I have to trade, but I have to wait patiently for the stock to move. I only have enuff dough to trade one stock only. Trading 10 contracts can do the trick if the stock moves. I trade volatile stocks anyway with high beta. I also know you can't use buying power with options. I am interested in trading stocks with options for hedging/protecting. Echo said they do this but would require more capital while only using long option positions with stock positions. I prefer calendar spreads. Echo is a start.

    Anyway, I have been checking out brighttrading, too. Their min cap amt is above what I can contribute, but they sound like a reputable firm.

    Any other suggestions on prop firms that will let me fork up less than $5k and trade remote? Thanks.
  7. CRAP!!! You wanted to trade options.

    This has happened to me twice now in the past 24 hours, why in the world people want to day-trade options is beyond me.

    Ok, now that I wasted all my time typing the above.....

    To answer your question, the short answer is NO. The long answer is, yes there are some, but probably not with less than 5k, gonna have to find something else.

    Good night! I feel horrible for spending 30 minutes doing research on prop firms to find out someone wants to trade options... what kind of crap is that, I need to read before I type.
  8. thanks jmowery, you posted before i posted another response. i appreciate your response.
  9. MTE


    I know it's off topic, but don't tell me you daytrade calendar spreads!?
  10. Echo is good firm from what I hear. See if you can find a way to work with them.
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