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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by carloskar, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. carloskar


    I've been offered to start this program at velez capital management.

    This is the thing: I live in Sweden for now and I'm a newbie at trading but I'm very eager to learn as much as possible about trading and how to make a living out of it.

    I know vcm has been discussed before and people have seperate opinions.

    Now to my questions:

    Do you think it's possible to make a profit trading with his methods?

    Do you think I will get the experience and help that I need to take my trading to higher levels?

    Or am I just blond and stupid for thinking this company will help me?
  2. Just because you're blond doesn't make you stupid!
  3. Can you give specifics ? price,etc...
  4. EricP


    Do a search for "Oliver Velez" and/or "Velez Capital Management" on this site and you should get dozens of posts to read.

    You can kiss goodbye any money you give that firm for 'training'. I'm not saying you won't learn anything, but your best lesson learned will almost certainly be to avoid giving your hard earned cash to an unethical and shady company with the hopes of striking it rich.

    Read the opinions expressed by the dozens of people posting about them on this site, and make your own judgment. If you do this, and still lose a lot of cash, then I would have to agree that you are probably "blond and stupid".

    Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  5. nasdorq


    The tuition might seem high, but if you are newbie you are likely to lose more in the markets on your own than the cost of the program, and be without the education. The program starts new traders off trading the firms account with limited buying power, which increases slowly but steadily as you reach performance targets. Imo this is the ideal way for a new trader to start. You learn to trade properly from the beginning. It is not possible to earn a living at the training level with the limited share size, which forces you to focus on the skill of trading first. When you become consistent, the buying power is increased. Through out program you can re-take the training as many times as you wish, you receive continuous mentoring in live trading chat rooms from professional traders and numerous other resourses. The techniques taught are great. Watching Oliver trade live is a trip.

    This is the most complete program I have come across, and yes I am a member. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  6. Tjenare grabban!...hur är läget?

    Can't say anything about them personally, but my guess is you could do better...I have never heard anything good said about HLV Capital or Velez Capital Mgt (I think HLV became VCM). Good luck to you, though.

    Varifrån kommer du, i Sverige? Ha det så bra...
  7. trader67


    I also signed up with VCM Velez Capital Management Trade for Life. Be VERRRRY! aware. I have been trading on my own for some years making a nice living and thought this "program" might bring my trading skills to the next level. Well was I surprised. Not only is their platform buggy (by their own admission) but trying to advance to any profitable levels would take more than the skill of a surgeon and patience of a saint. I would be YEARS before 99% of us could possibly make any realistic money with them due to the fact that they have consistently CHANGED THE RULES over and over!(documented) They will NEVER show you the percentage of people who have gone from training level to a profitable level (able to live on) or the dropout rate, although many have repeatedly asked. They say it is for the others privacy.

    Oliver Velez is an Extremely convincing speaker (evidenced by the way people call him a "GOD and GURU" in his chat room) probably his greatest attribute and the reason many sign up. The people in the chat room are FORBIDDEN from voicing ANY negative experience they had or are having with the platform, program, or staff. (talk about one sidedness) Try it and you will be booted from the room. This is their way of keeping everyone seperated and from finding out that MOST OF THE GROUP ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS.

    If you have any issuesThey will Never, Never take your side in ANY disagreement and are downright rude. They basically say take it or leave it! Oh, and by the way, "Its take it or leave it" ... without your money!!! After they get your money don't expect very much.