Proprietary FX Firm Offering Matched Funding

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  1. Global FX Remote Group, LLC is a private Forex day Trading firm that only trades the Spot Currency market.

    We are looking for individuals to Match Fund. 100% payout any point in the month.

    if you do well in a matched acocunt you will qualify for a proprietary account where you are no responsible for any losses and receive a 50% payout monthly.

    Matched traders get the same resources as our proprietary traders.

    Trade Remotely anywhere in the world or from our state of the art trading facility here in downtown NYC.

    email for more info or check out our web site on the link below.
  2. Check out our web site for more info.
  3. MkFx


    For Matched Funding - Can I trade Remotely or do I have to come to your office?
    and what kind of research do you give traders?
  4. Account minimums?
  5. Matched Funded Traders can trade anywhere in the world. Once we see how you trade over a period of time you would qualify for a Proprietary account where a trader is not responsible for any losses and receives 50% of the profits from their trading activity.

    matched funded traders get 100% of the profits. We charge a small ticket charge per trade for our funds.

    All matched funded traders receive all the research and tools our traders get from trading at our office here in NYC. Bloomberg research, Goldman, Credit Agricole, refco are just some of the research we provide to all traders.

    Matched funded traders in the NYC area are able to trade from our facility here in NYC for a small desk fee per month.

    The minimum is 2K and we will match any amount above.

    check out our web site for more info.
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    I have another Question globalfxllc ,
    I heard about Thursday Night Inerview/Seminars , Do you still have them? Do I need to Let you know about it or Can I just Show up?
  7. is it strictly daytrading that you do? what would be the advantage of trading with you rather than with a retail FX dealer?
  8. If you would like to attend one of our thursday night seminars please email you name, phone number, email address and date you wish to attend.

    email to
  9. The advantages of trading with us at our office are 5 FOLD.

    1. We have the same spreads as our market maker. FXCM/REFCO

    2. Trade with professionals who know the market.

    3. Get the best research on the street.

    4. market meetings twice a day going over the days strategy.

    5. Tools necessary to trade. Bloomberg, charts, research, trade critiquing.

    weekly seminars going over our programs. Thursdays 7pm.

    email to indicate interest.
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    Do you allow straddle trades to be entered just prior economic news releases? DO you "guarantee" the entry/exit prices on these orders?(no cancelation, no requoting)
    Refco/Fxcm have been disallowing these types of trades.
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