Proprietary firms that don't front run your data

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  1. Hello there I am an experienced trader who has been trading and working on investments. Currently I live in New York City and go to school for finance. I am tired of losing money just because I don't have the right positioning. Do all proprietary firms front run your data? It seems they don't have my best interest. What else should I look out for when trading? Any feedback is welcomed.
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    'because I don't have the right positioning" ... that seems an odd way to lose money since you and only you are responsible for the right positioning; not the prop firms.
    Losers in this game often tend to blame on certain external factors the fact that they lose. Real traders adapt to more powerfull understanding of the markets.
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    This is probably the funniest thing I've read all day. Thank you.

    You're an "experienced trader" and you blame your execution rather than your strategy? HAHA.

    You're not getting front run. Even if you were your little onesy-twosy lots aren't going to get awful enough execution on an otherwise good strategy. You're not running a hedge fund obviously so you aren't trading big enough lots that execution really matters. Do you legitimately think Citadel and other execution firms give any shits about your tiny little orders? What broker are you with? I really, really want to hear your answer. I'm half expecting Robinhood which would explain why you're blaming the platform executing your orders and not your naivete. Robinhood doesn't exactly attract "top talent".


    Before you call me out - I trade small lots on Interactive Brokers. Stocks, ETFs, Futures, and Options. Mostly Futures and Options.

    In liquid markets I have never had a bad fill. Period.
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  4. I had to close my account with trader 2b. I was thinking of opening a account with t3 trading but I don't know if they front run your data. I am not opening a account until I know that my data is not getting front runned.
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    Take up knitting. It sounds like your paranoia will prevent you from being a good trader anyway.
  6. I heard interactive brokers were the ones. I am thinking about it. Thx for the feedback.
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    I am not sure we understand what you mean by front run data? Can you give example? Do you mean they force you to make trades which they front run prior to making the call?
  8. No front running is when you're trades get beaten by milliseconds there for preventing you from getting a good execution rate. You end up trading a penny after what you're trade would be if you were not getting front runned. Not all brokers sell your data though.
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    Oh yeah? In MGC on forward months I get spot-on fills too! So there! Nyeh!

  10. Which firms attract top talent?
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