Proposition to Trade your account ?

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  1. I have only 1 account. But assume you dont believe me. I would still show a loss in at least one account. I would still bore the loss. Is that not correct ?

    identical trades are done in all accounts. I will obviously show my own account to the client.
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  2. lets assume you agreed. You had opened an Account in your name. You have a login ID and password. The only information i require is the login and password to execute the trade and monitor and adjust the position.

    How does that translate into making a withdrawal ?????

    the fact is i cant make a withdrawal. I am hoping that hte service i provide will be renumerated. quite simple
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  3. the point of the exercise is to try to make more money for myself. What point is there to advertise a broker ????
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  4. 1-2 months sounds fair? Even 3 months would be a blip on the statistical radar screen. I'm trying to cut you a break with just 3 months and the ability to prove to some others you can deliver in this short time frame. But I'm a skeptic that is why I'm willing to short 5% of your performance for 3 months. I'll need for you to state what your drawdowns should be and at the end of it statements from all accounts that you've traded identically. If you are successful, what size account would you like to trade?
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  5. ??? Fishy!
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  6. What's your used leverage? And maxdd?
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  7. sure. more than fare.

    Account size is not of my concern. The larger the better. but Its up to the account holder. They have to be comfortable with my strategy.

    Im comfortable with 10% position sizing. meaning each trade incurs 10% loss per unprofitable trade. Stop loss is 10% of capital base in other words.

    risk/reward has to meet minimum criteria of 2:1

    heavy reliance on EW and fibo ratios

    Maximum 1 trade per day, no more. Usual holds vary between 10 days to 2 months with pyramiding.

    Account holder cant stop out trades or add to trades etc. they can log in to check and print reports etc.
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  8. position sizing is 10%. I cannot lose more than 10% of trading capital in a single trade.

    Im most comfortable with this and will be employed the same as in my own account.
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  9. asap



    this guy scheme is based on doing the opposite trades in their client accounts, so he can secure a riskless profit (whether in his own account or through the profit share agreement in the client's account). do the math. this is like being a hf manager but without any watchdog to put you in jail for fraud. dont you see it?

    if the guy really wanted to maximize his profits, he would easily get as much buying power as he would like through any of the publicly available props that are eagerly seeking for successful traders to trader their capital.

    lets just move on.
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  10. and your expected drawdown?
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