Proposition to Trade your account ?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    To trade another persons' ForeX Account. May sound rhidiculous. I have my own trading account but its not funded as much as i would like as im paying off a House. Will expire this offer when my own account reaches a reasonable amount to live off.
    Please read below if you are interested. If not thats cool too.
    Just want to make as much money as possible. ONly serious offers apply.

    *7 years experience in Trading.

    *I only hold the username and password of the account along with Account holder.

    *I cannot withdraw account holders fund etc.

    *Will want to be renumerated by the Account holder by some % of gains per month or discontinue the service. 20% of profit. Negotiable.

    *Heavy use of Elliott wave and fibonacci price and time cycles.

    *I will be doing the exact same trades as my own account.

    *Will want to be renumerated by the Account holder by some % of gains per month or discontinue the service. 20% of profit. Negotiable.

    *10% position sizing meaning 10% of capital will be risked per trade.

    *1 Trade maximum per day. Only trading when market meets criteria.

    *Will provide trading journal to Account holder on why position was taken.

    *Will cease trading at request of Account holder or Account Holder can change password etc.

    *Will be predominantly trading GBP/USD

    *Averaging 5-20% profit per month.

    *always employ stop loss.

    *Account holder must not interfere with open positions unless they want to cease the service.

    *Will trade upto 3 accounts, no more.

    *will show trading record.

    *if you are happy, please introduce others etc.
  2. Would you mind to explain why and how? TIA!

    Look forward to your journal.
  3. dont really understand your question.

    Trying to make more money for myself and as a consequence others. quite simple really. Most wont be interested. Some might.

    I trade their account like my own but expect to recieve some renumeration from Account holder if i turn over consistent profits.
  4. If you are treating their account like your own, are you also going to share in the losses as well? Somehow I doubt it.
  5. Are you saying you will trade totally not more than 3 clients' accounts maximum, including the below ones that would be introduced by the first client(s)?

  6. my own account will show a loss just like theirs. I trade their account like my own.
    I place the trade in my account. I place hte trade in their account. I place the same stop and target and pyramid if profitable.

    Everything is the same. Quantities will be different but proportions are the same. Im comfortable with 10% position sizing. It has worked for me in the past and will work for me moving forward.
    Im making more money by trading a larger capital base than what i could manage. Very simple really.
  7. Would you mind to share some of your actual trades that were entered last many days?
  8. 3 accounts maximum. Assuming the first client is number 1. I would trade a maximum of 2 additional ones.
    Whether they are introduced by the first client or not is of no consequence.
  9. Your clients would never be able to check or verify the truth!
  10. That doesn't make much sense when the AUM from all 3 clients will be just too small! Besides the market should be basically quite liquid!
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