Proposal for buy at 1380-1375 points of S&P500

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nikglik, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. nikglik


    I suggest you to place a buy position when the market goes to 1380-1375 targeting 1410 to the end of the week.
  2. ?'re filled! :cool:
  3. balda


    Dow made a lower low than a previous month yesterday.

    S&P today.

    doesn't look good.
  4. nikglik


    I have placed a Buy position at 1373,00.Already getting 6 points profit!
  5. That's bogus! You originally suggested 1375-1380. You're unable to take your own trade signals. :mad:
  6. nikglik


    Is there so big difference between 1375 and 1373??
    Already at 1383,00!!!10 points profit....or 8 points profit...the same thing i think!!!
  7. Wow 8 points profit on a index you can't buy...
  8. nikglik


    Why i can't?I bought two e-mini contracts and i got 20 points that is the only sure thing.
  9. Why i can't? Thanks for proving yet another fake BS post on trades here at ET.

    SO now it is not 8 S&P 500 points it is 20 ES points you got.

    You should try writing Fiction books, you have a knack...
  10. nikglik


    At 2.30pm i bought at 1373,00 ESM8 and i closed my positions at 1383,00 almost after an hour or so.And come on...i told you that i bought at 1373...and someone wrote why not 1375 and i told him...10 points 8 points it's the same thing....the nice thing is the correct trading ..
    #10     Jun 3, 2008