Proposal: after hours Elitetrader voicechat via (free) Yahoo messenger

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. We seem to have a great community here.

    As a proposal for strengthening our personal relationships, do people feel that a formalised hour or so on voicechat after each Friday's close would be a good forum for interactive voicechat discussions?

    Yahoo messenger can be downloaded for free and all you need is a $5 microphone to talk.

    This is how you get to the room
    1) First make sure you have speakers in your computer and a microphone (you can pick a good enough plug-in mic up from a computer store for $5)
    2) Goto and download the FULL Windows version (assuming you have a Windows O/S) of messenger
    3) Once installed, click on the Chat icon > goto the Business&Finance category > within that category goto User Rooms and click on the Elitetrader room.
    4) The Elitetrader room can also be accessed through, but the use of messenger allows people to have sub-group conferences, share files and do loads of things that aren't possible through
  2. candle-
    there is an elite chat on yahoo messenger that some people go to...I would be interested in increasing the activity there after hours (keep the market hours to posting trade ideas), however to be honest on Friday's I'm out the door at 4:01pm to meet the pals for adult beverages(ie. happy hour)...but I think if a few people get in the room at 4pm during the week it could be ok
    I think the danger is if it gets too popular and becomes like , too much noise and hype.

    one man's ceiling is another man's floor.:D
  3. I'd love to stick around on fridays or whenever for an hour long "wrap up" just tell me when.
    By the by, are any females interested in turning the last hour of trading on friday into coed naked trading?? Just a thought?
  4. Dustin


    Leave it up to a frat boy...heh
  5. Praetorian,

    By all means we can discuss chicks too (since last time we didnt manage to finish our ranking of female babes on CNBC).

  6. neo_hr


    Guys, I missed the original link to the room, anyone have it?

  7. Praetorian--I don't know what my husband would think of that particular idea...:D
  8. I have added to the first post to help newcomers locate the chat room. I will occasionally pop in during the trading day, but I know that Praetorian and several other hardcore traders are there all day long.

    I would like a Friday close social gathering (perhaps lasting for 30mins or so after the close) to become a regular feature, where people can talk to eachother in real-time and generally have a great time getting to know the community.