Prophetic evidence that God wanted 9/11 to happen.

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  1. This is sure to give you a creepy feeling deep inside...

    So I'm watching the old 9/11 footage of Bush in the classroom and what is really interesting is what the kids are doing right before Bush is told that a 2nd plane has hit the twin towers. The kids are reading words that say...

    in the video at around 4:39

    (Kite when used as a verb means to fly or move with a rapid or easy motion)

    Out of all of the words they could have possibly used in the entire english language and those are the words that were said SECONDS before Bush was told about the plane hitting the twin towers. For those of you that need a little more evidence, When God would give prophecies to people, he would always repeat it twice. For instance...The pharoh had the dream that was interpreted by joseph twice. The writing on the wall was MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN. Daniel explained to the King that Mene meant his days were numbered. Mene was written twice because that was to be interpreted as God confirming it. So when the kids say "Plane Must" at the beginning and at the end, it is in line with what God did with the prophecies in the bible.

    Skip to 4:39 to watch it.

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  2. lol you are an example of what superstition does to the mind. lets say there is a god and he caused 911. why do you worship him? shouldnt we send seal team 6 out to kill him?
  3. You're way more delusional than I originally thought. And that's saying something.
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    LOL for real
  5. Once you understand why, it will be too late for you.
  6. you are afraid of the boogy man under the bed?
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    No God sanctions killing in his name.

    The concept of religous exceptionalism - the idea that only Jews, or Catholics, or Muslims have exclusive access to a glorious afterlife is a tragedy for humankind.
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    Boy, are you in for a tong lashing on this one. At least, I hope that's all he gives you. :(
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    Agreed, tongs are best used on barbecues and salads.
  10. Well, I hear it's pretty hot where he's going.
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