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    Anyone ever get that?

    Yesterday night (Aug 19) I was trading ES. Made around 7 points on the sell-off after midnight. Then I planned on taking a two hour break to get some sleep and wake up 30 mins before the crude inventory news came out at 8:30AM. Based on China's 4% selloff, I was absolutely positive that ES will go down hard too.

    So I go to sleep, my alarm clock doesn't go off (or I turned it off in my sleep when it rang) and I keep on sleeping until 1PM.

    Here's where it gets interesting...

    I had a long dream that I remember quite to the detail even now but most of it was unemotional. At some point, for some reason (I just saw it), I dreamt that I am looking at a screen and seeing the market UP 10 or more points. I remember getting extremely anxious and fearful, actually waking up for a moment and TELLING myself that it is just a DREAM and that in REALITY it will go down. I ever remember looking at the time, it was around 10AM. I felt very tired so I went back to sleep.

    Well, I wake up around 1PM, and go to my screen expecting to see a big ass sell-off in the ES. You probably know what I've found.

    The STRANGEST thing in all of this, is that in my dream (around 10AM) I saw the EXACT chart that I saw when I actually woke up around 1PM and went to my PC. There was the move up, the consolidation and then another break up.

    I swear to God that I am not making ANY of this up!

    This got me wondering. I remember reading about brain waves and how certain frequencies correspond to the mental state we are in (such as hyper-alert, wakeful, sleepy, unconscious, etc) - alpha, delta, theta, and another one I forgot.

    Basically, if my memory serves me correctly, alpha is the alert state. Delta is the state when we are at the moment of falling asleep, so it's between wakefulness and sleep. Theta is deep sleep. There is also another state that I don't remember.

    And I remember reading that in one of the states, it is possible to do some extrasensory stuff like having visions, actually being in another place, etc.

    Did anyone ever have such a dream or know of any material about markets and this brain wave stuff??

    Share away!

    P.S. I was nervous at the thought of the market going up because I have 95 SPY puts I bought a month ago and taht are expiring this week.
  2. Pascal


    It is absolutely true that the brain can pick up emotions and thoughts reverberating from our future self.

    Sometimes, I get a vision of a solid red line down, or green line up, on a 3 min chart, in the futures 10 seconds before it happens.

    You have to change your paradigm of thought about what time is, in order to understand that this is possible and everyone can develop the ability. People get so much future information in dreams that that it would blow your mind, but most people forget their dreams in the morning. If you put a notebook of paper and a pen next to your bed stand and make an effort to write down your dreams every morning, you will become aware of premonitions.
  3. I never had any prophetic market dreams however I consistently solve problems and come up with ideas in dreams. Have been this way my entire life and have no idea why. Waking up in the morning with a new idea or a solved problem is a great feeling.
  4. maxpi


    I used to have a long commute.. I learned to watch my daydreams and if I had one with strong emotional content, like a really bad driver doing something stupid that would alarm or anger me.. I learned to react ahead of time.. I would have ones about a guy crossing the double yellow to pass a line of cars on a curve and I would just take my foot off the gas and always about five seconds later, here comes the son of a bitch straight at me.. my wife had similar perceptions when she was driving... humans just aren't made the way "science" thinks... I sort of hate "science" [bullshit conclusions by people that really don't know what they think they do] nowadays...

    I also had the experience of learning by sleeping and waking up with questions or answers. I accidentally [?] bought decaf coffee beans and didn't realize it, next thing I know I'm sleeping in two shifts instead of one, and waking up with answers and questions regarding trading twice as much.. my trading methods moved forward faster at that time than any...

    There was a South American Indian culture wherein the leader collected everybody's dreams every morning and used them as information for leading the clan.. they thought it worked, they did that for centuries maybe...

    Here's a horror story though.. I knew a woman, I didn't like her, she was uncommunicative unless she was bitching, she was unhappy, miserable to work with.. so I picked on her, and I really wish I had not... I'll explain.. she was a gambler, and she had her favorite lottery numbers... she had a dream about some lottery numbers so she played the ones in the dream and did not play her favorites.. her favorites were all six numbers that week, it was so devastating for her that I felt bad about mistreating her.. she was walking along holding on to things and mumbling to herself for days.... since then I try to not dislike anybody that much, there was no happiness in seeing her so devastated...
  5. There have been quite a few times in the past couple of years when I've awaken in the middle of the night with ideas as to why, or why not, to do something. They've always been helpful ideas.

    It sucks that she picked the wrong numbers based on a dream, but if that was the only time she ever had a dream about lottery numbers, I wonder if there's something more to it.
  6. Kubinec


    A lot of people experienced the same phenomenon at some point in their life it seems.

    It is known that Mendeleev's Periodic Table came to him in a dream. No bull. :)

    Yes, I also get that sometimes. It happens only when I'm in a relaxed 'day dreaming' mood, for instance, for some reason I'm thinking of somebody that I hadn't thought about for days and they happen to call me within a minute or two.

    You mean you overslept?
  7. Kubinec


    After this dream, I will def get a pad and a pen and start writing them down on waking up.

    I especially like how you framed the experience in terms of there being a future self of us that experiences what we experience ahead of time and let's us know. It seems tho, that our brain can only pick it up in a relaxed/sleepy state or sleep when our rational mind has its barrier down.
  8. maxpi


    I was practically sleeping around the clock for a few days and waking up every few hours.. every time I woke up I had advanced my trading art with a good question, a good idea, or even an answer.. I debug software in my sleep too!! My wife says I'm a nice person.. when I'm sleeping, as well :D

    I developed auto systems for years and years, none that good.. so I decided to start screen trading.. I ate, slept, and breathed screen trading for about five months.. it was intense and it's working out great though... once there was no more problem to solve I went through an emotional let down, felt like my dog died or something... now I just get up in the morning and work the system.. it's a letdown how unexciting the actual trading is once the system is in place..
  9. Kubinec


    ROFL. Are you serious about sleeping and getting answers though? Like it happened when you wanted to, for several days in advance?
    I wish I had that problem :D
  10. Cesko


    You have to change your paradigm of thought about what time is, in order to understand that this is possible and everyone can develop the ability.

    As everybody knows time is relative so on certain level words past,present and future have no meaning.

    Everything described happened to me and never ceased to flabbergast me.

    Reg. "solution" dreams, they can be induced by suggestions right before the sleep. Tried it, it worked. Do not expect immediate success though. Keep pushing.

    When it comes to trading, all those episodes of "dreaming about prices" happened to me at the beginning of my "trading adventure". Now after thousands of hours of screen time it doesn't happen anymore. Shouldn't it be the other way around???
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