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  1. fast

    fast is preparing to release a new version of their charts, including their live-streaming intraday charts. They don't give an exact release date. You can try out the beta version at:

    I would be interested in hearing comments comparing Prophet's charts with other available live-streaming charts.


  2. coops


    I use prophet java beta charts now, for intraday history (and my records of stocks i traded). You can get down to 1min charts a long time back - i think 20 days is the max. They're making improvements - the standard java only allows one indicator pane for instance.

    I searched this site re prohetstation and prophet data feed previously - one reply was not complimentary about it, but would also be interested in more peoples observations.

    Prophetstation is essentially same as medved quotetracker without the ad panel - as i've used qt in the past, prophet does interest me. Looked at prophetstation with delayed, and MA's on the chart are all same white colour........ seems QT may still ahve some advantages (can use QT with prophet feed).

    Does prophet provide futures feeds aswell? Currently using Quicken quotes live - which are good, but no futures....

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    When I use prophetfinance's charts, the MA overlays on the price graphs are different colors. The first MA I add always shows up as blue, the second is red, etc. Don't know why you are having trouble with all white MAs. You might ask Terri, who works at the Help desk of prophetfinance. She is great about responding.

    Her email address is:
    Terri <>

    I don't know whether prophetfinance provides futures feeds. Terri might be able to answer this question, too.

    By the way, I have some control over the color of each MA based on the order of adding it to the chart. This is important to me because I use a 5-min MA that follows the prices very closely. When I add the 5-min MA first, it takes on the blue color. It is hard for me to see the blue MA line against the black price bars or candlesticks. I overcome this problem by adding the 5-min MA second, that is, after adding another MA. That way the 5-min MA takes on the red color.

    Thanks for your response. I had no idea that prophet's charts are so similar to medved quotetrader. I too would welcome more comments from others -- positive or negative.
  4. Babak


    They have horrible data integrity problems (for daily data) I would not take my chances with their intra-day. I'll take RealTick anytime.
  5. fast



    Thanks very much for your info on prophetfinance's charts and data.
  6. fast


    Your warning was on the mark.

    ProphetFinance's intraday live streaming charts have serious data problems. Charts for some stocks show incorrect data for some previous days. Specifically, they cram all of the previous day's data into 9:30am to 3:00pm and then insert additional data for 3:00pm - 4:00pm. I have no idea where the 3-4pm data come from, but they are treated as valid -- that is, technical indicators are plotted for these data. So the charts cannot be used for trading, not even swing trading, which is my main interest.

    I sent feedback to PF's technical assistance staff over a week ago -- no response whatsoever. Usually they respond within 24hrs. Canceled my subscription.
  7. Grabbit


    Thanks for the warning. I have been using their new JavaCharts for the past few weeks and found them extremely easy to use.
    Great pity their data are so unreliable.
    I shouldn't be too surprised though. A year ago I tried their ProphetStation (which is basically a clone from QuoteTracker) and had very serious datafeed problems now and then. Their LiveCharts (also Java) then had problems as well (parts of the chart showing up twice etc.) so I cancelled.
    Decided to give them a second chance with their new release, and it is pretty stable I must say. It is so stupid that they pay so little attention to their data feed when they create such a great product.
    Any alternatives in a similar price range would be welcome.
  8. jperl


    I have to agree here with what's been said about the accuracy of prophet finances data. I noticed the problem more than a year ago, emailed them several times about it as did a number of other vendors who use their data and gave up. They don't seem to care about the problem as it appears to be ongoing.
  9. Anyone knows whatever happened with their futures data? I am no longer able to chart the S&P and ND futures.
  10. SHORTY


    I just dropped Prophet because of their lousy data feed. The charts are excellent, but without a reliable feed, worthless.

    Good Luck and Big Profits!
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