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  1. Anyone using Prophet real time charts? Did you notice a server problem Friday morning around 10 A.M., just as I was about to place a trade, came back a minute or so later with wrong quotes verses Hyperfeed.

    I think this has been gone over a number of times, however someone suggest a good real time charting service, not java.
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    The more you pay, the more the charts are worth.
    I suggest TradeStation or Esignal. Those seem to be the best of all the services.:D
  3. I have been using Prophet's real time java charts for a year and a half now and I have been having some trouble with the java charts during the first half hour to hour of the trading day. The thing just quits working on me and I half to restart the browser up, kind of a pain when you are trying to trade. I would say this has been going on the past 2 to 3 weeks, but other than this I like the service. If this keeps happening I will have to give them a call to see what the problem is. I know its not my internet connection cause our office has a T1 line.
  4. I have been using's real time charts. I haven't had more than a couple of problems over the past year or so. Stability is very nice, I bet a lot depends on your computer. I know others have crashing problems, but I leave it run most of the day and have crashed maybe once or twice in the last 12 months.

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    I have been using it for past month or so.... and experienced problems last week, and the week before! Not thrilled with this issue that they seem to have.

    Not sure if has real-time or not.

    b.t.w. how have you been lately... trading options still ?

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    I have a new IBM computer, very fast, lots of extra RAM, cable ISP, so this Prophet real time problem is annoying and I can only attribute it to java. Doesn't happen constantly but just as you're about to place a trade that turns out to be profitable.........well you know what I mean.

    Still trading options, more so around earning season, buying ITM strangles if priced right and selling options against any sharp move up or down.(is that scalping gamma?) Other than earnings period have been short stock/long calls or long stock/long puts to sell premium on moves up or down. No matter how you cut it you have to get the direction right.

    Hope you are well and thanks for asking, healthy holiday to you.

  7. same to you P.... have a real good '04 bro! Stay healthy... and strong.... that's the program!

    I am emailing prophet's later... since I had another problem with their real-time again today. Makes it more trouble than it's worth in faster markets... I also have cable with no problemo on other non-java sites.

    Plan on doing more futures and stock this coming year... using options strategies as well... on the underlying!

    PM me anytime you want to kick around ideas. I'm gonna remind myself to let you know what I'm doing, for what's it worth. Would like to stay in contact with more ET bros. this next year... and share strategies, etc. Have been remiss in that regards last 6 months.

    (well, missed my leg-in strategy on SPX puts so far... trying to sell them.... priced them too high anticipating gap filling. Bids have not tempted me yet.