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  1. azzie


    Any users here?

    It offers RT charting for $20 per month. Looks pretty attractive.

    All comments would be most welcome.
  2. Hi,

    What program do you use with Prophet ?

    RT(Prophet data) -> metaserver RT DDE ?
  3. azzie

    azzie requires a separate data source as well?
  4. no, I dont know.

    How do you use Prophet data ?

    Can I use tradestation 2000i ?
  5. azzie


    I am not a user. Hence my questions.......
  6. Yes I use's silver package for real time charting. It works great. You get streaming charts in the java charts console. Everything is backfilled with up to 60 days of intraday data or many years of end of day data. The data seems to come in at the same speed as IB data.

    I also like the organization capabilities with multiple watch lists etc.

  7. I used to be a paying subscriber of Prophet. There are lots of hidden issues about Read my experiences. Click "Ratings for ProphetStation" in "Software".
  8. I searched for that and couldn't find what you are talking about. What are the issues with All of my experience with them has been pleasant. Of course I never tried prophetstation. Wasn't that from the old

  9. to Banker,
    Can you have multiple windows( minimized with different time frames ) of one symbol , while you are watching another ?
  10. Yes Walther, as many as you want.

    Time frames are 1m,3m,5m,10m,15m,30m,60m,90m,120m + Daily,Weekly,Monthly Weekly and longer do not update real time though.

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