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  1. I used's JavaCharts for paper trading for the first half of the year. When I decided to do this for real, I signed up for the Gold membership to follow ES which I trade intraday.

    Today is not a good day for - I just lost the feed and am pretty much out for the balance of the day as all the indicators will be wrong if it does eventually return.

    Is there anyone else who trades ES and uses prophet? Better yet, what do you guys recommend for the replacement?

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  2. After talking to a few professional ES traders, I decided to order eSignal Pro this morning. I've heard a lot of good things about eSignal and will be using them to trade the e-mini.

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    You can give eSignal a try free of charge for 30 days I guess. They use to offer a 30 day trial !! Check their web site to make sure about it . I've been using it for 3 months now and I'm pretty satisfied!!:)
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    I've been using Sierra Charts with the IB feed for the ES. It has worked great, no complaints.
  5. Sierra looks like it uses a similar interface to Medved's QuoteTracker, which scored high on the software reviews.

    I don't like having to have IB running on the same machine or really don't feel comfortable having the software knowing my username/password.

    Opinions? C'mon, this is not a shy forum. :p
  6. dbTrader, with IB, you don't login through the software. You login through TWS, so the software (be it QuoteTracker, Sierra or whatever else you use to connect to IB) would not know your login.
  7. hi Jerry,

    sierra actually has you enter the user_id password. Quotetracker does not.

    My issue was running the software on the same PC - I refer the brokerage account to be on its own machine, maximizing it utilization of bandwidth and resources when I execute.
  8. Ooops, sorry. Didn't know they asked for the login.

    As for running on separate machines, you can do that with QuoteTracker if the 2 machines are on a local LAN. You would need to email to request the custom IB file that allows you to do that.