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  1. I have been using for a few years and have been satisfied with them overall, but lately there have been 15-20 delays is data. All that I need is a live, streaming chart of NDX with 2 line MACD. Any recommendations?
  2. Me too, encountered delay in their data, so any recommendation for live charts?
  3. ifriend


    Check with

    Been using their egate streaming charts for a few months. Would recommend for data reliability and timeleness.
  4. jhithers


    I use for some custom (intraday) gap scans - but once or twice a week they just don't work (don't return any data).

    Their customer support is terrible, and they rarely respond to emails. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  5. nasdorq


    Yeah they are brutal. Their scanning data often shows the previous day's results. They don't seem keen on fixing it. Unfortunately the feature of theirs I need is all the mini charts below any watchlist or scan. It saves so much time when you want to look over tons of charts at once. If anyone knows of another service that provides this I would be hugely grateful.
  6. I had a Gold Membership years ago when they were GREAT!

    But of course, they were bought-out a few years ago by another company (I'll have to look it up). Since then they've been crappy and I stopped using them for anything (ie, paying for their services) years ago.

  7. newtoet


    I have the same problems with them...what is funny is the address does not even accept emails. If they respond to help you submit over the web, the email tells you to respond and then it comes back as undeliverable. Then I get an email from them stating they only provide support if you are paying.

    Great concept, terrible people who don't know how to fix long-standing problems or provide customer service. I stop wasting my time with them earlier this year.