Prophecy - Nothing can bring down the market now!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by minimi, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. minimi


    Even one occurrence of day closing lower than previous day low would require a spike to happen first with a positive news. Before this piece of positive news arrives, the market will ignore any negative news.

    remember this. remember. The choice is yours. But we all know whatever you choose will not make a difference. The market is gonna RISE!!! ee.....hah!
  2. prox


    yep, a top is near
  3. I've been hearing that for a couple of weeks
  4. Bolts


    Yeah, I've seen too many people predicting a "buyer's exhaustion top". I think you can use that as a contrarian indicator just as easily. Not that I'm a contrarian.
  5. An exhaustion top happens when everyone thinks the market can't go any higher, but it goes a lot higher.

    BTW we seem to be a half a point away from S&P 1000 on the futures. Did anyone think they'd be seeing a four digit S&P this year?
  6. Kap


    looks toppy at 1000, but i dare you to short it
  7. Looks toppy! Where?

    I don't see any topping formations ... do you?
  8. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

    I Don't normaly correct spelling perhaps you meant ''probable'' & market tends to go UP in UPTRENDS. Pays some to sell at some retracements point and buy same stock back.

    Good point about market ignoring bad news;bulltrends tend to do that.


    ''The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting; but the industrious [diligent ] man reaps a rich harvest''.

    Proverbs of Solomon the trader.
  9. Kap


    stop orders @ 1000
  10. I don't think so ...

    Look for a blockbuster Friday (today) to end a blockbuster week!
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