Property Taxes Gone Berserk

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  1. I just got my bill for the 2010 2nd installment, and it's 81% higher than my last one. I mean ... WTF????

    Any similar stories out there?
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    They did that in California decades ago, the backlash resulted in Prop 13.. As long as a property stays in the same family the property taxes cannot be increased. Wifey inherited a house her dad bought in the fifties and daughter will get it eventually and she will still be paying the same taxes as her grandpa...

    They try to whittle away at prop13 and outright abolish it at times but so far so good... If they keep bringing in Mexicans and not requiring any ID for voter registration eventually they will overturn it via ballot measure or something.. Cathlofascism at it's finest!! Jerry Brown [a Jesuit] started talking about repealing Prop 13 but he shelved that idea for now, the working middle class and small business people have largely fled the state already, it might be the last act of defiance on the part of the Tax-And-Spend crowd [get Jew/Whitey's money is what they actually do] to repeal Prop 13, they probably would not make allowances for it in their rent controls either...

    I read about rent contols and it's effects in New Jersey way back in the day.. owners could not afford to do building upkeep, eventually the places would be run down and nearly unliveable whereupon they would burn them with the tenants in them!!
  3. What they started doing in NY is when you apply for a building permit, you need to list a value of the project. Now they justify an increase in assement not just on sq ft but on upgrades or quality of materials.

    Retired or soon to be retired boomers are going to be in a real bind, homes are going to be unaffordable to new buyers, lower home price is offset by higher taxes, on a monthly payment basis, the mort interest deduction is smaller the taxes won't be deductable.
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    My tax bill is up about up about 8% from last year. One tip: Don't appeal yourself next year, use an attorney. I did in the past and it saved me quite a bit. The only reason I did not this time around is because my assessment went down vs my neighbors and hence thought appeal would not help. Some of my neighbors who had higher tax bills in the past, paid substantially less because they appealed with an attorney. One neighbor who appealed himself saw an increase in his tax bill.
  5. "So your home lost value, fuck you, pay me".

    "So you didn't pay off one of my boys to appeal your new assessed values, fuck you, pay me".

    You get the jist of it.
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    hee hee, and people wonder why we're developing incomes from trading that can be done from anywhere on earth while we search for tax havens...
  7. Here in Indiana my taxes actually went down a couple bucks, but there's been some changes over the past couple of years to spread the pain in Lake County. Now my brother who lives in Lombard, IL. is paying 4 grand a year for a lousy 200K Condo, and taxes are going up there while his Condo continues to lose value.
  8. Truth.

    Get ready to see waves of refugees from Chicago flooding into your area. Cook County is going to be a wasteland in a few years if they keep this s**t up.