Property advise from traders in LA or Vegas

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  1. Hi

    I am a non resident with a vacation home in Florioda. I have had a property there since 1987 and spend 6 months of the year in total in the USA.

    Recently i have become dissalusioned with the property taxes and cost of insurance etc in FL. I recently have been investigating 'moving to either LA or Vegas and am amazed at how much property one can get for themoney. Its certainly comparable to Florida. My question is this ;

    1. Am i missing something. I am looking to spend 1.5 - 2.0 mill and dont want to make a mistake. I understand that property taxes are roughly half those in Fl so it suits me. Anything i should be aware of in Vegas or LA.

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    I moved from S. Florida a few years ago for the same reasons. Not worth the hassles any longer.

    IMO, I don't know why anyone would want to live in Vegas. Outside the strip, the place is very unattractive, and stuck in a barren Nevada landscape.

    Northern San Diego county is still very nice, but gotten pricey.

    If you are wintering in the U.S., Scottsdale is wonderful in the winter and you can get a very nice home for 1.5 mil. Can also drive to Vegas or LA in a short day. No storms or high insurance. Nice shops, great golf, still uncrowded, solid property values that should take off again with retiring boomers.)

    Send a PM if you want more info.
  3. I agree that i wouldnt want to live on the strip in vegas but from what i saw recently the suburbs around henderson looked very nice with easy access to lake mead and a short drive to the mountains?

    I hadnt considered Arizona. Thats an interesting one, i will check it.

    Property taxes and ins in FL have made having a vacation home there terrible expensive.

    I was suprised that property in LA even beverly hills seemed reasonable all things considered.
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    The LA area, and California in general, will really sock you with taxes and expenses. Run all the numbers there before you make a commitment. It used to be paradise, but unfortunately those days have passed.
  5. FYI they just passed a bill expemting the all of the first 200k of a home and I think 50% of the next 300 or 400, lowering taxes quite a bit.

    However, homeowners insurance, livinh the water is brutallly priced.

    I agree Scottsdale/Phoenix area is great, and the golf is very underated. Although, I think prices will go down until about october when snowbirds start rolling back in.

    I actually am thinking about going out west for a year before I settle back from my origins in Chicago. Any advice for a 26 y/o in regards to where to live out west?

  6. Los Angeles is quite a bit more expensive than Florida for an equivalent home. I've done the comparing for years so I know what I'm talking about.

    The South Coast of Orange County is more doable but still expensive.

    San Diego is about on par with Florida.

    Vegas is a dump.

    Scottsdale is ok but very overpriced.

    One thing to consider and it's rarely mentioned: If you're into really WARM winter weather, you're only choice is Florida.

    The California coast and the desert get freakin' COLD during the winter. In L.A. 65/48 is going to be the dominant Jan-Mch temperature range. SoFla get's maybe one or two days a year like that.

    Florida is far from perfect. In fact in many way's it sux. But it's high points outweigh the bullshit. I guess my take is this, if I had to live in just ONE place it would be SoCal but given the choice of where to winter it would be Florida, hands down.
  7. The problem with the reduction in prop taxes in florid ais its only for homesteaded indiviuals. As a non res i am getting killed. I pay $25k a year prop taxes my neighbour in an idential home (moved in after me) pays $k p.a and they will get a reduction. Total madness here.
  8. Interesting stuff.

    I am suprised at the negative feel towards Vegas. I was there recently and have to say the suburbs around Henderson looked fantastic.

    LA area looks good to me, i am suprised that it is reasonably priced compared to other places. I am busily researching Scottsdale.
    As for weather I tend to do 3 months in USa and then 3 months in uk and back to usa for 3 months . So i can time it around the weather.I have to say Fl is great weather wise but i am getting priced out of here.

  9. If you don't mind my asking, where in Florida are you?
  10. i live near Clearwater on the gulf of mexico side of Fl.
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