Proper Journal Etiquette

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlackMonday, May 8, 2005.

  1. Looks like we need a defined etiquette in Journalizing. I think it will help us who would like to start journals, as well as those who would like to read them.

    1) Why would you read someone's journal?

    2) Why would you keep a public journal? or why would you not?

    3) What would you like to see in a journal?

    4) Does keeping a public journal help or hinder your trading?
  2. Magna seems to do a good job most of the time moderating. What would you like to see?

    In replying I will list your Item #s

    1)I want to experience what they are going through and the thought process, especially if they are profitable.

    2)To make me responsible and hold my convictions. To get help from more experienced traders.

    3)Live Trades with real money and a good enough writing style to discuss the thought process.

    4)It can be a chore or quite enjoyble. Its according to the contributors and how your trades are going.

    Michael B.