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  1. While I gather that the most important factor for success at trading is finding your own style/strategy that works for you, I am interested in an outline of what the various prop firms who offer training actually teach.

    Bright teaches pairs and openings strategies, anything else?

    I assume prop shops teach various forms of momentum trading, trading news, and general technical analysis. Maybe scalping? What topics am I missing? Are there training manuals from now-defunct firms floating around that I could peruse?
  2. Since you asked about what is taught, here is an outline.

    Day One Morning 9-12
    • Introduction (names) DON
    • History of firm.
    • Common Terms
    • Order Flow DON
    • Investing vs. Trading DON
    • Listed vs. OTC DON
    • Retail vs. Professional - Don
    • The "Edge" Don
    • Trade through sweeps, liquidity rebates, etc. DON
    • Fair Value DON
    • Opening Only Prep DON
    Afternoon 12:45 –3+
    • Players, 15 minutes Don
    • Indicators Don
    • Q & A Don
    • 1:20 Intro Bob
    • Relative Strength – ducks Bob
    • Momentum Bob
    • Ducks Bob
    • Review Fundamentals, Bob / Christy
    • Basics of Pairs Trading – Bob
    Morning 6-12
    • Do Openings Don
    • Discuss Opening
    • Fundamentals vs. Techs (Pairs) Don
    • Q & A Session – Don
    • RediPlus– Don Mention BTM
    • Risk & CAS-Tammy (8-8:45)
    • 9:00 – 10:30 Rob: Pairs trading tools, etc. Live Trading example
    • 10: 45 Cash Technical and Mental Aspects of Remote Trading.
    • Noon: Lunch – return at 1:10
    Afternoon 1:15-3
    • BTM with Rob (Don Intro)
    • U-4 Review BT requirements Tammy

    Morning 6-1 (3 breaks)
    • Do Opening Don
    • Discuss Boot Camp Don
    • Review U-4 – collect Don
    • TAPE reading Don
    • Reading Indicators (Prem/disc +) Don
    • Business Plan Overview Don.
    • Live Trading 9:00 – 10:00 Randy
    • Office and Remote Bobby/Randy
    • 10:15-11:00 Don will cover:
    • Psychology
    • Behavioral Consequences
    • Discipline, Risk, etc.
    • Rebalancing + Quarter end. (window dressing, etc.)
    • 11:00 – 11:45 Rob and Cash review Q&A period.
    • 11:45 Introduce Kevin / IT specialist
    • Lunch 12:00-12:45

    Afternoon 12:45 – 3:00
    • MOC Viewing/discussion-Don
    • Review + paperwork/ Don
    • 1:30 Strategies with examples (ours and students). Bob +
    • Ducks – R/S, etc. review
    • Discuss Full Day of Trading Bob+
    Trading Strategies covered and reviewed
    Opening Only Orders
    Post Opening (sectors, etc.)
    Relative Strength
    M & A Spreads

    Dismiss approximately 3PM

    Basic outline for 3 day training program.

  3. Thanks for posting that. I bet it's on your website somewhere but I hadn't seen it until now. Would be interested to see what other programs include.
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    All you need is 3 days and you have the right to pay insane fees, desk charges and give up 60% of your profits!!

  5. Or, as in our keep 100% of your profits, and we consider the 3 day class a good starting point. LOL.

    I too am curious about other training programs.

    All the best,

  6. What you forgot to mention is the cost for your 3 day training program?
  7. $1000, return for free if you like.

    Should probably charge some of that Linda Rashke type money, but we don't, LOL.

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    I think that's a good price for quantity of information you can learn. Especially if you're a total beginner. Would have been nice if there was something like that around here when I first began.