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  1. As a college student, wanting to be a professional trader. What steps should i take to guiding me to joining a prop firm. Currently im trading futures but i have traded equities. Should i keep trading to gain experience? Should i save for a possible deposit? I really love trading and want to trade on a floor as soon as i graduate in 2 years, but im thinking ahead now. Any guidance is appreciated. How did you make it to a trading floor?
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  3. "Trading Floor". What's that?

    Isn't that the place where scumbag specialists who had no idea how to trade used to frontrun large orders and screw everyone with criminal gap prints?

    Yeah I remember that now.

    Glad "the floor" is pretty much gone now.

    Scumbag cocksuckers. Good riddance.

    P.S.--All the volume has gone electronic now.
  4. i meant a prop trading desk where there are lots of traders in an offfice. Not a goldman desk but a prop desk
  5. you should do your homework. if you want to join a prop firm, shop around. my recommendation is cygroup only bc i haven't had any problems with them past 3 yrs.