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    any of you guys can give input on first new york?

  2. First New York Securities is an excellent operation from everything I've heard over the years.

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    tanks big don
  4. Is First New York expanding into commodties and futures?
  5. anyone know if First New York Securities is expanding into commodities and futures trading?
  6. I have gone to two interviews there, and have had a friend work there. He was actually let go after about a year and a half or so and now trades for another large prop operation. From what I gathered and what I have been told, this is a totally legit and somewhat professional (depending on your definition).

    You'll have to deal with John Bender, best of luck. This wasn't really the correct fit for me, as much interest as both sides had.

    My friend personally did a lot of scalping and did ok- There was emphasis to generate more income and therefore larger/riskier bets, eventually placing a bad trade then they forced him out of. I guess there wasn't enough made back after that because they let him go about 3 months or so after that.

  7. thanks for the insight. Was your friend doing commdities/futures?
  8. My friend traded equities, I am not sure if he even touched options, let alone futures.
  9. I am looking for some NYC , CT or NJ futures trading companies that are hiring electronic traders.... anyone hear of any?
  10. anyone know of DRW, capstone, and breakwater in the nyc area? are they hiring?
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