Prop trading while keeping full time job

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  1. I've been trading for 3 years now (retail) with Ameritrade now with IB. My performance is mediocre but has improved overtime and continue improving.

    I am thinking opening an account with Prop firm here in San Francisco Bay Area and trade 6:30-10:30 AM PACIFIC time the n head to work around 11 AM.

    I will follow the plan above for about 2 months then I would like to trade remotely from home and there will be no time limitations after that.

    -What do you of my plan joining a prop for the purpose of LEARNING, margin.
    -Will prop require me number of trades each day?
    -Can I hold positions overnight?
    -Any props in the EAST Bay?
  2. I hope someone can share, please. Thanks.
  3. you would probably have to go into S.F. Bright has an office in San Rafael. I think echo is still around in S.F.
  4. It appears Bright has an office in San Ramon, Ca which is closer to me.
  5. Trade gaps and you can be at work at 8:00.
  6. that's what I am planning to do, trade GAPs but my steup needs tuning.
  7. yes that can be a problem
  8. Will prop allow excessive shorting?
  9. You really need automation, either partial or full, in my opinion, to make the opening play work real well. And, it generally takes a few $million of orders each morning (not a problem for this strategy).

    My current bootcamp has a 83.33% Win/Loss record for the opening only play, FWIW. Making from a nickel, to a dollar on individual trades.

  10. Don - what are your fees?
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