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    What would you consider the best overall prop trading platform and who offers it? I've heard of a few; Sterling, Laser, Redi, Anvil. Haven't used any of them yet and would like some feedback on the quality.
  2. Depends on your trading style. If speed of order entry, fast executions and stability is most important, my picks are Lightspeed and Anvil.
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    What firms use Lightspeed?
  4. Schonfeld and a bunch of LLC types like SMB Capital.
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    What I can say is; The firms I talked to recently think of changing from Sterling to Laser.... because Sterling was excellent before but grew up too fast.... many peoples have problemsss with it....

    I'm not in the USA , but I did negociate with Cygroup and JC Trading and with those firms you have the choices between Laser or Sterling. I am new in Prop firm.... so, I'll say what people offer me the last two weeks in Canada or USA.... with no experience in trading Prop only retail. I experiment the demo of Sterling.... not much chart possibilities but still anought.... same for Laser....

    They offer: between 60-75% payout, some of them pay 30% of the Sterling fees if you make money (so they do), they give you the rebate, Canada= 0.0002 a share USA= 0.00035 or less but sometime give you more rebate.... Canada pay you once a month and USA, some pay you as often as you want.... minimum 2000$ in Canada and 5000$ Usa........... but you have to be very carrefull of where they put your money.... and being able to get it back when ever you want... if you did not loose it!!!

    This is about two firms in Quebec, Can and two firms in Usa.... it does not mean it represent the market but still a good idea....

    And it is better than no response at all.... I know I'm a newb but...

    I hope it make sense; I'm so better in french!!!!!!
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    Avatar, Assent, have it. WTS about to implement it. But be careful, LS has huge problems with quote freezes as soon as you trade things like spy, qqqq, skf......
  7. Is there anyway to get a look at each of these platforms? Like a desktop screencap or something, I'm interested in seeing what they look like.
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    If you go to the websites of the company's that have them, they might have a screenshot or even offer a demo.
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    Care to elaborate how Assent offers Lightspeed which is a competing platform to their own Anvil?
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    An Assent trader just told me recently, that they offer trading on the Lightspeed platform now. I have no further details.
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